wear more bright lipstick.  check.

Top 10 favorite artists of all time : Music Edition

Monday, November 29, 2010

These are my Top 10 go-to's.  I seem to always default to these guys. Whenever I'm down their poppin beats cheer me up. Seriously.  Of course there are a zillion more I could have included but these guys just are awesome. 
Michael Jackson -
I'm sorry but I cannot get enough of Rock With You or Black or White. And have you seen This Is It?  He is an incredible performer as well!  Dear MJ, you're brilliant. Love, Erin
Justin Bieber -
I know there are a lot of JB haters out there... and for all of you, you haven't listened to his acoustic album yet, have you?  He clearly is talented.  And his songs are just sweet.  Cheesy, but sweet.  (I love me some cheesy love songs, ps.)  Oh. And I will be going to see JB3D in Feb.  Down to Earth, Overboard, and Never Say Never are among my favorites.
Glee Cast -
This one's kind of cheating since they do covers of a whole bunch of songs.  But.  I love blaring the music in my car and singing at the top of my lungs.  Glee music brightens even the darkest days!  Love me some Glee! Artie's take on Safety Dance never gets old.  And I love Finn and Rachel duets. Mmm!
Nat King Cole -
Unforgettable.  Enough said.
Backstreet Boys - I have always loved BSB.  I finally got to see them in concert.  It was so great. It was like I was 13 again!!  So hard to choose a favorite song.  The Call, Drowning, More Than That, and Quit Playin' Games (With My Heart) are fabulous!
Britney Spears -
I still frequent the Oops I Did It Again album.  Glee did a remake of Stronger.  Check it out { here }
Celine Dion -
I was first introduced to Celine when my mom bought the Titanic soundtrack.... My Heart Will Go On?... and on and on.... That song was ruined for me.  But ALL of her other music is brilliant.  I Surrender?  So fun to blare and sing.
Black Eyed Peas -
They just know how to rock a beat!  You can't deny it.  Pump it is one of my favorites!
Stevie Wonder -
He just has a way of cheering me up with his music and lyrics!  Love it.  Love him!  I loved when he guest starred on Full House!
Taylor Swift -
 Her album Fearless was my theme song (yes, her whole album was my theme song. I heard it.) this last year. Man, she will always have a special lil' place in my <3.
speaking of Tangled

please go {here} and listen to

I See the Light

please also check out the rest of the stuff on the site!  It's brilliant.

and then go buy tickets to see Disney's Tangled.  I will be seeing it again soon.  <3 I loved it.

simply beautiful

Thursday, November 25, 2010

i'm kind of an art nerd.  but i think you already knew that.

i've always been inspired by different artists.  it all started with bob ross.

i was in awe at how he could take a fan brush through van dyke brown and create an evergreen tree or happy clouds and little bush friends.

if you've ever seen the joy of painting on pbs you know what i'm talking about.

along with bob ross, disney movies have always inspired me. 

not just the heartfelt stories and happily ever afters.

i'm talking about disc 2 special features concept art that inspired me.  (of course, didn't discover the concept art magic until dvds finally came out)

a few artists stick out in my mind. one in particular.

mary blair.

(click {here} for my post about mary blair)

i absolutely love her take on the world and how colors work.
it's hard to explain in words.
maybe that's why i love art too.

there's something about art that i love. 
it's all in the eyes of the beholder.  artists take what they see and somehow take it all in and tell a story through how they see it.  it's beautiful.  i love how {especially} disney can combine music, art, and their special way of story telling and combine it into one story.


it makes me want to be a part of the magic.
it's a have to, not a get to.

i went and saw disney's newest film, Tangled.

it was so wonderful

check out this concept art.

and here's my doodled take on Rapunzel

don't judge me, i'm also an artist {in training}

six year old teacher

Sunday, November 21, 2010

last week I got to babysit the neighbor kids for a few hours

we decided to play the wii

those kids are crazy good at it.  and it was clear that I am not.

so innocently and honestly I said, "you guys are so much better than me at this!"

the younger boy just turned straight to me, came over and as he put his hand on my shoulder sincerely said, "Erin, it's okay.  You're not bad at it.  We just have more practice than you, probably!  And it's okay if you don't win, it's just a game and we're just playing to have fun together!"

It completely caught me off guard.
I love little kids.
I love little reminders like this. 

I need to be better at not putting myself down.  That little kid taught me a great lesson that day.

to do asap:

Sunday, November 21, 2010

smile at more people
take a chill pill
save more cash monies
exercise and love it
wear more bright lipstick

appreciate all the good things
deep clean the closets
go out of my comfort zone
learn to cook

calling all married/soon to be married gals

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

my dear friend mal gave me this brilliant idea.

THIS is a huge trend right now with celebrities.

and since I am a bridal/fashion illustration connoisseur

I've decided to give it a go!


For the first 3 gals who email me a bridal picture of themselves, I will sketch/fashion illustrate you in your wedding get-up! 

After that this will be a service I will charge for.

I am super excited about this.

please email photos to marierin@gmail.com and tell me what your favorite detail(s) of your gown are!



Speaking of White Christmas

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I watch this movie at least 17 times during the holiday season.

I still have the biggest crush on Danny Kaye.

I mean, look at him dance! Who doesn't have a crush on Danny Kaye!?

christmas playlist

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

it's almost that time of year.

I LOVE to listen to Christmas music.

not until Thanksgiving Day.

But I have made an exception for today only.

I am cleaning and was in the mood for some festive music.

The Osmond Family Christmas Album {sample here}
The Carpenter's Christmas {sample here}
Glee Christmas (love it.  came out yesterday) {sample here}
Bing Crosby's White Christmas {sample here}
Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton Christmas {sample here}
John Denver Christmas {just this song}  (yep.. grew up listening to this!)
The Chipmunks {sample here}

What's on your Christmas Playlist this season?

starting today

Monday, November 15, 2010

I love Real Simple magazine.

I could go on and on about how much I love it.

One reason is it includes healthy/yummy looking recipes in every issue.

I have been trying to get my brother to try new things (and by new things I mean anything except chicken nuggets, mac & cheese, etc.) and he refuses.

So I am re-vamping the grocery list.  Cleaning out the pantry. 

And I am creating something I like to call the Real Simple Challenge

One new dinner recipe each night for 3 weeks. 

We are going to be trying

new vegetables
new recipes
new ways to cook things
and just a healthier lifestyle in general

My Real Simple Challenge also includes daily exercise.  (something I and my family have been lacking in). 

Hopefully this will be a really good thing.  I'm mostly doing this for me.  I am really excited to get out of the everyday go-to dinner rut. 

the latest

Saturday, November 13, 2010

stock, lisianthus, carnations, roses, wax flower, button mums, bear grass and salal leaf

I seriously love flowers.  If I could just make bouquets for the rest of my life I would be so dandy you'd have to call me a lion.

**warning** this post contains nudity**

Saturday, November 13, 2010

here's some of my artwork I said I'd post from my high school days.  more doodles/paintings to come when I find them! :D

hell and hallelujah

Friday, November 12, 2010

my grandma is like whoa.

bless her heart, she doesn't remember her grandkids.

she doesn't remember if she knows how to walk sometimes either

she remembers little poems and songs sometimes.

every time we go see her she sings/speaks this particular song

we call it

hell and hallelujah

finally we googled some of the lyrics she'd repeat over and over

turns out the song is called Goody Goody

my favorite is the Frankie Lymon version

hell and hallelujah
you had it comin' to ya
goody goody for him
goody goody for me
i hope you're satisfied, you rascal you!

i need to post a video of her singing it on here.  it is glorious.  my mamacita is fabulous

last night sister and i went to visit her.  she was super sleepy and usually it's hell and hallelujah over and over and over ...and over.

but last night she kept repeating a song that kind of broke my heart
she just kept saying the words over and over and she got all teary eyed!  It was horrible.

I love my mamacita.  Her sweetheart (my papacito) passed away 16 years ago.  I could tell she was missing him lots yesterday.  Someday they'll be reunited though and how sweet that will be for them!

I Get the Blues When It Rains


I get the blues when it rains the blues I can't lose when it rains

Each little drop that falls on my window pane

Always reminds me of tears I've shed in vain

I sit and wait for the sun to shine down on me once again

It rained when I found you rained when I lost you

That's why I'm so blue when it rains

mamacita and i.. i think this was her 94th birthday in 2008

auntie, dad, uncle b, uncle k with mamacita

Mih-Zoo-Luh pics

Friday, November 12, 2010

Spaghetti, Ravioli and Beer.  Found: Pocatello

On the Road!  We wouldn't be smiling if we really realized how stinking long that drive was!

The gang at Oliver's Restaurant with our waitress, Rayleen.  She told us to call her Ray Ray. Favorite quotes from her:
"...Hun, I don't know how it's made... It comes to us frozen"
"..I'm an ankle biter.  An ankle biting Bi***.."  (then another waitress behind her yelled "Amen!".. It was awesome)
"I'm off in half hour.  Then I'm off like a pair o' dirty shorts!"

Chelsea, Marquee, Colton & Jordan.  On our way to Oliver's!

Don't worry, we found the Budweiser plant.  Somewhere in Idaho past Idaho Falls.

Look how inviting this place is!  Who wouldn't want to eat here!

These kids were smoking pot.  Awesome.

Chels and I went to the mall while the boys went to the police station (long story.)
Jus Chill'n was a smoothie store.  Ha!

Look at these beanies we found!  Love the Sock Monkey.. Only $19.95!

Here's that box car in Spencer, Idaho!
For a more thorough explanation of Missoula go { here }


Friday, November 12, 2010

pronounced mih-zoo-luh.  It's in Montana, in case you were wondering.

Sunday: 8+ hours drive up

Monday: 8+hours drive back

That's a lot of driving.  And it is exhausting (sitting in a car for that long) believe it or not.

Old little town on the way to Missoula

Spencer, Idaho.  Opal capitol of the world! Oh, and that building you see in the picture?  That is the extent of this city.  Plus a boxcar.
This is where we stopped for lunch on the way there in Pocatello, Idaho.  Note the tablecloth.
Anaconda Opportunity?  I don't want any opportunities with anacondas, thank you very much.

For some reason my computer will not let me upload any more pictures.  So I'll post a part II of Missoula pics for you asap.  You'll want to see these.

holy moly!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

So.  I have been putting off going to see an academic advisor at the university of choice for a long time (about 3 years) because I was so scared that they would tell me I'm not smart/good enough for school.  I know, so stupid of me to think that.  But I did!  And I was really scared to go!


Today I faced my fear. 

I drove myself down to school.  Wandered around for a good hour or so killing time and psyching myself up to going to talk to the advisor.

I went and signed in and waited about 15 more minutes to talk to this lady.

Then I went in, she told me a few simple things I needed to do before I could register for classes. 

She then asked me what my major was.

Come to find out I am 1 year away from having my BFA in Fine Art.  ONE YEAR!!!?!

One year.

I didn't think I was SO close to the end of the school tunnel!   SUCH an exciting feeling.

I left her office just beaming and ran home to reapply so I could register!

Then I looked at all the classes I have to look forward to taking in the next 4 semesters.

I do have a few general classes left, Math, English, and Astronomy.

But then I get to do fun classes!

Figure Drawing
Baroque History
and other such classes!

I am so excited, I can't even believe how close I am.  Holy Moly!!!

ALSO Harry Potter is in ONE week!  Today is such a great day!


PS once I figure out how to use my scanner I will be putting some of my artwork on here to celebrate!   Happy Schooling!

why i never use lol

Thursday, November 4, 2010


I've never been a fan.

I have alwasys thought it looks really funny. 

and who really does laugh out loud?  I'd rather just say hahahahahah over and over... it just has a more natural effect than lol to me...



looks like The Green Lantern's symbol. (turned sideways)

doesn't it?

and it could be confused with other sayings...
lots of love being one of them
my friend told me about this one time when this lady's uncle passed away..

and she got a card that said

"So sorry for your loss, lol"


Hope you don't get people confused with your acronym texts!

so here's the thing

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

When I wear my extensions my hair looks something like this with my new bangs... Don't mind my face in this picture please!

But I'm kind of tempted to chop my hair off like THIS.  Kind of tempted meaning on a scale of 1 to 7 it's about a 2.5... just because I've been growing my hair out for so long! Maybe?  What say you, blogging friends?

I have weird friends

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My weird friends have creepy friends.

Meet Lucille.   She is my friend's pet black widow spider.  She is HUGE and disgusting.  I hate her. I hate all spiders. But mostly Lucille.  I can't believe he named her and is keeping her!! It disturbs me!

life lessons learned

Monday, November 1, 2010

from working fast food

don't judge a book by its cover
i feel judged all the time working fast food.  all the time people i know will ask me where i work... and after i tell them they laugh or say "still?' or something to that effect.  it drives me crazy!  little do they know my big plans for myself and how amazing my place of employment is with working around my school schedule and giving me as many hours as i need/want.  this has taught me that i truly shouldn't judge anyone because i don't know the whole situation!

don't make such a big deal over little things
countless times there will be people who lose their temper over not getting extra pink sauce.  or we forgot to put pickles on their cheeseburger.  people get seriously so upset that they'll curse and yell at us or demand free food.  it is ridiculous!  it's taught me not only that people make mistakes (go figure!) but i need to be patient and understanding.

be nice to everyone; even if you're in a terrible mood
people who are in a terrible mood put me in a terrible mood.  the world would be much brighter if everyone was just a little bit more kind.  so not only do other people need to be nicer, i need to be a happier person as well. 

it is possible to be healthy when you eat out
confession: i've eaten at my place of employment at least once a week for the last however many years i've been working there!  i am happy to say that i have maintained or lost weight and have made healthy choices when i eat there (not ALL the time, i have the occasional french fries and shake)
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