the obligatory birthday post

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

today i turn 27.  so, here is 27 things about me at age 27.

read about me at 25 here. and 24 here.

this is the only [iPhone] picture I had of me wearing makeup (no eyebrow pencil, though).  That tells you how often I wear it ;)

1.  I have wrinkles.  The smiling kind by my eyes.  And I kind of love them.  Is that weird?
2.  I'm still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up.  I'd like to think that as I keep growing and changing my goals and dreams do too.  And even if it does get discouraging, it's kind of exciting to chase after new dreams.
3.  My little brother will have been gone on his mission 8 months as of this Sunday!  I can't believe it.  Time is flying and yet taking FOREVER at the same time.  I just want him home so we can party!
4.  I would love to just spend a summer at a cabin in the mountains or out on a farm without any plans or things to worry about.  Like in the movies when life just seems to hold still for the summer..?... you know?  I want to do that.
5.  I am in love with weddings.  And planning weddings.  It's way too much fun.  And a lot of work.  But so worth it!
6.  I am hoping I get this for my birthday. (hint, hint, husband!)
7.  Chase and I teach the 4 year olds in primary.  They are seriously cute, and melt my heart with their sweet prayers.  "...please bless that Jesus can come out of the clouds and make it 'wain'..."
8.  One of my favorite ways to waste time is looking at, and  I am constantly looking for homes in all places around the US (comparing housing prices, different styles of homes/yards..etc.), and I love looking at flights to different places. . Someone will mention where they're headed on vacation and I'm like... Ohh, flights are around $____, right??  (I'm full of so much useful information......)
9.  I am hooked on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.  Hooked!  His laugh kills me and he always brings a smile to my face. Watch this.  It's one of my favorites.  This is really good, too!
10.  Top 3 most visited websites (on a daily basis),, and (i'm obsessed! which brings me to #11)
11.  I am in love with all things Disney.  Especially Disney Parks.  I'm still kicking myself for not going to DL Paris when I was soooo close.  Also, I am trying to figure out a way to make money off my Disneyland obsession. :)
12.  My hair is the longest it has ever been and I don't think I will ever part with it.  It's so easy throw in a ponytail which is how I wear it 99% of the time. 
13.  My daily makeup includes moisturizer, blush, and eyebrow pencil.  WHY did I not discover the eyebrow pencil until this year?  Best thing ever for my baldy/fine eyebrows.
14.  It's a good thing I chose to marry Chase because I never get sick of hanging out with that boy.  He's kind of my favorite.
15.  I would love to go back to the Cinque Terre, eat some pesto lasagna(I still crave it 2 years later), and sit on the beach the rest of the day.
16.  The next thing I want to try is Interior Design.  Current favorite hobbies are watercolor painting, and calligraphy.
17.  My favorite flowers are ranunculus and garden roses. OH, and maidenhair fern.  I love it.
18.  One of my biggest pet peeves is when someone buys a fancy camera and then all of a sudden they are a professional photographer....that's all I'll say about that. :)
19.  It is amazing how a little bit of makeup will boost my confidence about 10x.  I'm telling you.  Eyebrow Pencil.  (Especially now that I'm getting "old"... I think I'm looking older these days.  I've been stuck at about 22 years old for awhile and lately I think I look older... ?) 
20.  I still love Diet Coke.  Lately I've been putting either lime or toasted marshmallow flavoring in it (Thanks, Kate!).  It sounds gross but it is soo delicious. 
21.  My favorite rides at Disneyland are Space Mountain and Radiator Springs Racers.  Can't get enough. 
22.  I think about going to the movies and my heart starts pounding and I have cried a time or two.  Some people are afraid of flying or heights,  Nie is afraid of clusters, I am afraid of movie theaters.  
23.  Someday I would love to own an art/floral studio (preferably a big barn-type building with lots of windows in my back yard) and just host a ton of workshops and classes.  I think that would be so much fun! 
24.  I still frequent Taco Amigo on a frighteningly regular basis.  You have GOT to try their Fresh Peach Shakes in late August-September.  They are so. good. You're welcome! 
25.  I recently had the opportunity to design some wedding announcements and now I want to put some more in my etsy shop (Hopefully I will have that up and running soon... stay tuned.  Lots of pretty things in the works!)
26.  I got to design some stamp sets for Close To My Heart (my day job).  Can't wait to show you all that fun stuff when the new catalog is released in August! #ClosetOMyHeart
27.  (it's really hard to think of 27 things about me...).  I have the entire Frozen soundtrack memorized.  I loove that movie (yes, saw it in theaters opening week despite my fear..).  I may be 27, but I get excited about things like I am 10. 

Until next year! ;

Featured Fine Art Print

Sunday, April 27, 2014

I am always excited when photographers reach out to me who want to collaborate. 
Usually it is for flowers.  LeeYen emailed me and wanted me to do flowers and a print for one shoot, and asked me if I would provide a print for this indie shoot.
I was so very flattered that she would trust me with that project!
I am very new at the whole hand-lettering thing, and still have a lot (a lot) to learn, but I am just thrilled it had a small role in her gorgeous shoot that was featured over at Rock N Roll Bride. 
I want to continue to pursue this hobby.  It was way too much fun!
Anyway, enjoy these gorgeous images by LeeYen
Featured at Rock N Roll Bride
Photography | Loblee Photography
Bride's Headpiece | Danani Handmade Sdornments
Styling | Dani Hagemeister
Print | Erin Nielson

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