Sunday, May 1, 2011

yep, it's true. i turned 24 yesterday.  and i know i know it's not old.  but i totally feel old.  and i know i say that every birthday.  i will continue to feel old forever, i suppose.  so maybe i should just get over it now.


in honor of my 24th year of living here are 24 things about me you may not already know.

1. grilled cheese sandwiches and oreos are my favorite foods.
2.  i dislike chocolate ice cream. and chocolate cake, but i'll eat choc. cake. not ice cream. unless it's been mixed from vanilla.  i know. i'm weird.
3. i've wanted lea salonga's voice ever since i was in 1st grade and heard jasmine sing.
4. my hair's been dark dark brown (i prefer the name ebony..just sounds pretty) since i was born.
5. i love weddings. i love love. if you have a love story, i love to hear about it. seriously. this may need its own post.
6. i can't for the life of me keep a tidy room. i'll deep clean it and it'll stay clean for a few weeks then all hell breaks loose and looks like a natural disaster struck. it drives me crazy but what can ya do.
7.  i love mary higgins clark books.  story about that to come soon.
8.  my favorite and signature scent is poppy by coach. 
9. i know everything there is to know about the disney parks. info, vacation planning, favorites, human map... have a question?  i have an answer.
10. i was born in iowa, then lived in oregon, florida, and brazil before settling in utah and now calling it my home.
11. i grew up watching mary poppins and cinderella every. day. multiple times a day. i still adore every and all disney movies.
12. i love all sorts of music. oldies/easy listening and streamline pop are my very favorites, surprisingly. 
13. i am addicted to real simple magazine. my subscription ended a month ago, it didn't come in april and i about had a panic attack.  we're getting that taken care of. by re-subscribing.
14. i love going on drives and discovering awesome neighborhoods.  it's one of my favorite past times.
15. i love wearing high heels. love. i have quite the collection of high heels. i'll post pics soon.
16. i'm still in school. it took me forever to decide what to study.  i studied generals, then fashion design, and now fine art (which is what i'll graduate with).  i'm a firm believer in no experience goes wasted. every experience i've had with school has helped mold my emphasis and where i'll be later on. 
17. i was on the highschool ballroom dance team all 3 years. my favorite dance is the samba.
18. i love musicals.  i love singing along to and quoting musicals. what fer? there's only three little ones!
19. becuase of britney spears in her oops i did it again m.v. i forever wanted to be blonde. years later i still secretly want to be blonde sometimes.
20.  i love brightly colored lips. i just got brave red lipstick by mac for my birthday. can't wait to wear that. every day, perhaps. it's beautiful.
21. i seriously love the harry potter series. everything about them.  i cannot wait for 7 part II to come out.
22. my sister, anna, is my best friend of all time.
23. i call my fashion style eclectiprepohemian.
24. my favorite flowers are stock(they smell divine), ranunculus and freesia.  they're perfect.

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Ashley Serena said...

Happy birthday to you, you darling lady. <3

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