home sweet home

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

love this little cottage.
and the little hearts on the porch. 
it's perfect.  

and who else is ready for warm weather??

Blog update

Sunday, January 13, 2013

I finally updated my Floral Design blog!

The last couple posts are special to me because they're my own wedding!

I need to update the blog with all the weddings I've done since August!  I've been a little lacking in the blogging department but am going to be better.

Go check it out !

new home

Thursday, January 3, 2013

being a newlywed is fun, i tell ya.

off topic.. but i'm excited to get back into blogging now that we have internet!  hopefully i can keep it up.  
2012 was not a good blogging year for me, but that's why we have new year resolutions, right?... 


we have been moving stuff into our cozy little cottage for the last few weeks and things are starting to feel more like home around here.  it's pretty great.

we are also discovering all the many quirks about our home that we... lets say we love them. yes.  we love the quirks.

our living room is nice.  it has a giant fireplace with a mantle (i never had a real fireplace growing up so this was very exciting for me.)
there are 2 light switches which turn on the main lights and the accent lighting for above the mantle... then there's another light switch by the front door.  it doesn't do anything when you flip it on and off, yet it needs to be flipped down in order for the two light switches to work?... curious..

our kitchen is lovely.  all white cabinets and a character-filled original wood floor.
the fact that we don't have a dishwasher doesn't bother me at all. actually i think the dishes get done a lot faster because of that.. nobody likes to unload or load anyway.  what kills me about our kitchen is the oven.  it beeps every few hours.  not consistently either.  sometimes for a few minutes, sometimes for a lot of minutes. and we can't figure out how to turn it off.  so that's fun.

and then there's our bedroom.  it is really cozy and fits our bedroom furniture perfectly.  i'm really happy with our dresser and where it's placed, because it covers up this mysterious vent that leads to the bathroom... haha.  one of the first days we were in our house I was in there doing something and I hear Chase, Hey honey!  I can see you from the bedroom!!  ha.  That was really funny/creepy all at once.  glad we semi-solved the problem with the dresser!

we love it here in our little cottage.  pictures will come eventually... maybe next week, maybe in a couple months.. who knows!

happy 2013 so far!

2012. Aka the greatest year yet. {picture overload}

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Anna was in the MTC.  She and her companion (who she knew from PGHS) both had green pea coats.

Remember THIS post?  And how I was so dreading 2012?... Man, I'm so glad it came.  Even though 2012 was Anna-less (in person...we talk every week via email!) it has been the best year thus far.  

Because Anna was gone, I played with lots of friends.  Dave and Tali are great. 

I slaved away that semester and got my first 4.0 ever!

I started dating a really funny nerd who I was smit with immediately. 

He and I spent nearly every day together. 

And then I left for 6 weeks to live out of a suitcase in Italy.

I met and became friends with some of the greatest girls I know. 

And guys.  Remember Devin?

Got a sunburn in the most beautiful place (after Paris) I have ever been.  
Me and Steve.  Love him.  He would walk me back to the hotel so I wouldn't have to go alone when I had Skype dates with my man.  

Rode a gondola in lovely Venice. 
Ate WAY too much gelato (and somehow lost 10lbs?...explain that to me.)

massagi?   (on the beach in Monterosso- part of the Cinque Terre)

Then, a few of us ventured to Paris.  Oh Paris.  It was so magical in every way. 

Proof that I've seen the Mona Lisa.  At the Louvre.  Spent 6 hours there. And I still didn't see everything.

Then I flew home to the states (God bless America.  I remember being so relieved to be home)   where my mom met me in NYC.  We spent 5 glorious days there going to Live with Kelly!, The Newsies... I dragged her everywhere.  And found a new favorite shopping area in SoHo.

Came home and this guy was still here waiting for me.  

This was not a happy day, but one that changed everything.  This was the day I was so angry with Chase/my last day at Taco Amigo (where I worked more than 1/3 of my life. wowza).  

After the terrible day, we were inseparable for real.  

We got engaged in Disneyland on October 25th 2012 

Chase saw a palm tree for the first time.  He needed to hug it.

my floral business flourished, and I was blessed to do so many weddings including my own! 

so in love with the flowers.. My Auntie Fran is on the other side taking pictures from the moment she walked in the door.  I love her! 

So many wonderful best friends came to support me on my big day

Happiest day ever.  Married the love of my life!

Gained a new family

And Anna was there!  :)  Haha.  Oh, Chase.  I love him so much it hurts. 

Can't wait to see what 2013 brings... (The return of Hermana eSpencer!!!! So excited!)  Happy 2013. I hope many blessings come your way! 

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