Sunday, May 29, 2011

i've had so many things to share with you this week and for some reason blogger would not let me sign out of my sister's account.

it still wont

so i had to find my ancient old computer and use that to finally log in to my account. 
I do not have a way with words
Never have

All I have to offer are mumblings and thoughts regurgitated on to this here blog.

loving this right now

Monday, May 23, 2011

Anxiety is a glimpse of your own daring. Isn't that great? It means that part of your agitation is just excitement about what you're getting ready to accomplish. Don't sell yourself short by being so afraid of failure that you don't dare to make any mistakes.

--Maria Shriver

took this from Katie Couric's The Best Advice I Ever Got. 

I am loving it so far.  Makes me want to shoot for the moon even more than I have been before.

A little somethin' for everyone.

Monday, May 23, 2011

The new Bachelorette
She. Is. Nuts.
And here I am, excited for the new season.  Why?  That is a great question.
So here we go:  My thoughts as they come on The Bachelorette

She's a dancer? 
I like her hair dark and long.  She's pretty.
"I'm gonna put my heart on the line"   been there. Done that...
25 guys are going to be disappointed when they get here... Really?  Nice confidence, Ash.
Emily!?!? Oh no he didn't.
Hi, Chris Harrison. 
Chris Harrison should host every reality show.  Ha!  He's great.
Brad-You will never be as cool as Chris Harrison!
...maybe the guy on Survivor.  What's his name again?
Ryan. Is. Hot.
Heart in the sunlight?...
Ames---aka Buzz Lightyear.
Ben C.. You are creepy!
"Especially when it comes to love".... SHIFTY EYES...
Bentley?...You are cute but you look like a jerk..
Utah people are jerks on the Bachelorette.
Oh West, You are cute!!
I have a crush on West.
Oh what's this guy's name?  He's quirky.  I like quirky!
He wears a broken watch?... That's kinda creepy.
William?  Is that his name?
...Does she kinda look like she has a snargle tooth?
Bentley!!! Drama BEFORE the guys arrive?!  Whaaaaat.....
A fellow dentist.  Eeehh.. What a freak!
Jon.  No.  You don't just pick a girl up in a fancy dress. Do not.
Lucas, you've got something stuck up your bum.  Seriously.  Loosen up!
William!!!! Yes.  I heart you. Holy crap.  Broken umbrella boy.. aka "the goober"
Prince William look-alike..
Brad-I hate him.
Mickey!?!?  Looks like Mickey Mouse! How fitting.
Brad-Mickey J my boy!
Eeeeewwww. Tim.  Gross.
Tim... Seriously? You are a CREEPer.
He makes me feel awkward and I'm just watching him on TV.
Ben?.... Eh. The french?... Weird...
And Ashley?  You're kinda a spaz.
Hockey Player. aka the Hairstylist!?!
Chris D... Ehh. Not impressed.  Creeper.

Okay, so 84% of the boys are creepers so far...

WEST! Yes, I love him.  He has a broken compass?  Okay, that's cute.  He's cute.
Anthony.  VIM.
He wears a gold chain?!!? Yikes!
Rob.  You look like a baby Chris Harrison.
Ames! Buzz Lightyear.  Keep him around.  He's weird.
Matt. You're kind of cute in a very weird way.
Squinty eyes.
Mask!  Jeff.
He's 35.  Why do you think he's wearing a mask?...
He's probably got disgusting acne.
Take the mask off!
Ben... You're still not cute, but you seem the most normal other than West.
Good first impression.  I like him.
Frank. You are a cocky son of a... You are lame, and I don't like you.
Michael.  Eh.  Your teeth need help.  Seriously.
Cheesy jokes=gross.
Chris?... Who on earh is this guy.
Ryan M.  You are a creeper... You're just a fan of the show. GOING HOME.
JP.  Maybe he'll grow on me... He seems genuine, but he's not gorg.  Classy.
Nick?... vim. The poem is freaking stupid.  I hate cheesy.  Except for duets.  I love cheesy duets.
Blake the flake.  The dentist.
Bentley. I do not like you already.  She looks like she's not fooled. 
Constantine.  What is up with all the long-haired boys?!!  Gross. get a haircut!
Okay, the floss ring is pretty cute!
Bentley is not that attractive!!! Choose WEST!

Team West.

That is established.

That guy with the mask has no friends.
Mafia-Gold Chain does not look impressed with Ashley either.
Cheeeerssss guysssss!!!!  I think she acts like a 13 year old.
Ashley's Sparkling!?... DUH she's wearing a rhinestoned dress.
Ryan looks like Jake+Kiptyn...
Ben F. Goofy lookin yet cute personality!
It's GOOD to be a mama's boy?... She's calling his Mom?... Bizarre.
I promise that guy will not win... Mom's giving advice?
Fantasy suite advice?... Gross. What a freak.
This brings back Wes memories. 
He doesn't really play the guitar?.. You just ruined a guitar!
Okay, this is not about pulling tricks.
Ben F is funny too!  I like him..

Phantom of the opera... Jeff. Eughhhhh. Yeah, I don't like him.  He's got girly eyes.
I don't like Tim.  Or Jeff.
Ben F is cool!  He kinda looks like Josh Groban.
Canada has an earring? That's gross.
Jon looks like a jerk.
Tim is nuts!! Ashley. Run away from him!!
He is VERY drunk right now, isn't he?
He's not making any sense.
The Bachelor/Bachelorette. Thank you for providing unlimited alchohol.
He has a drinking problem.
Ashley. Do not feel bad. He is pathetic.
Tim is OUT of it!  Okay, Bachelorette. Move on.  I'm sick of looking at him.
Jeff, you're wearing a mask. 
Take that off, weirdo!
This is so great, 20 minutes of drunk Tim.  MOVE ON!!!
And she thinks it's endearing, doesn't she?!...
Yeah, it happens to all of us! BUH bye, Tim.
Bahaah!! Phantom!
I love the organ music in the background whenever he's around.
He's goin' home.
"INTERESTING!"  aka "You're a freak."
Jeff... You are cheesy.
Pffff.. Ashley, you're just being nice because you're on tv.
Ashley. You are a freak. I WANT to be called Cupcake.??....
JP You're cute.
Okay, yes. You're cute.
Bentley.  You and crazy Michelle were meant for eachother!
I bet Michelle was the friend who sent Ashley the message!!!!
Body language. She doesn't trust him.
Gaaahhh I don't know what I think about him.
Ryan is cute!!
YES! First impression rose.  I like Ryan. He has a happy vibe that I like.
Bentley freaks me out.  He is kind of intense.
Rob?  Who are you?
Who was this guy?

Dirk Nowitzki is ugly.
AAahhh get the rebound!
Westbrook, you are horrible!
Wow, lucky shot!
We are only down 2! 
You have GOT to get this!  COME ON DALLAS!
2 point game. W'eve got this! Aaaagh!
Only 38.6 seconds left.
This is real life unlike the Bachelorette.
6 seconds left. My heart is racing.
No pressure, Dirk.
Way to go, sweat sweepers. Take your time.
my heart is pounding right now!
.7 seconds left and a TIME OUT!
Holy crap. I'm going to have a heart attack.
Who will shoot the winning shot?!

And we're back to The Bachelorette
Rose Ceremony!
Only 6 going home!?... Huh.
Jeff. 1st. Mask boy. Creeper.  I give it 2 more weeks.
Constantine. Floss Ring. Josh Groban.
Pick JP!
OOOH Ben F!! I really like him. Yes.
Lucas??... Who the..
Bentley looks perplexed.  Send him HOME!
Steven.  What is with this long hair?  HAIRCUT!
Pick JP!
Matt???  You look like that guy on Galaxy Quest!!!
JP looks sad.
Chris... ugly.
Ryan M. He's a goober!
West, JP and Will still have not been picked!
Blake!?... COME ON, Ashley!
Mickey!?!  Okay, she has horrible judgement.
Ben C.  I don't know who half of these guys are.
WILLIAM!  Ohhh he has my heart already! Cute cute cute!
JP!! Finally! Yesss I really like him, even though he has squinty eyes! (I do too, though...)
Hell yeah? I like this guy! HAH
Buzz Lightyear.. I mean Ames.
She's gonna choose Bentley.
I KNEW it!
Oh man.
Keegan "I knew it, it was that purple tie!"
She sent mafia home... Darn it!

105-105 with 1:15 left on the clock.
Come on Big D get the ball!
Don't foul!!

YES! That was NOT a foul, Brad. Shut up!
YESSS! Go Jason! We're up 3!
Calm it down, Brad! Nobody likes the Thunder!
Okay let's finish this game. 44 seconds left.
31 seconds left.
Let's get a move on.. Come on, Dallas!
17 seconds left!  Foul!
The mavs.  Just a smart team!
109-105. HA! Take that, OKC!
5 point game. I am loving this!
13 seconds left.

The Bachelorette
Go back to NJ! See if you can get a job with Cake Boss!
Rob the jr high kid.  Okay, go home!
Jon. Yes, I knew he'd go home.  Get out of here!
Upcoming season!!
Brodaway musical?
JP! Yes. He's cute!
Tokyo?  That looks awesome.
I don't see Bentley anywhere.
West! I love him.

FLOATING LANTERNS.  Holy crap i love that. That is my dream date.
JP. I love him.
Okay, Ash. Calm it down.

Jeff is STILL wearing the mask?!
Bentley looks like a crazy guy.
Hospital?!  Wooow. This is going to be great.
Bentley you PLayyya.
She just Admitted she is in love with Bentley!!
HOLY get out of here!!
Ashley!! You seriously KNEW he was a freak going into it!

I am going to hate this season.

So, there you go.

drawing III final project

Saturday, May 21, 2011

I had to create a 7 part series.  I chose Ballroom Dance.  Instead of drawing them literally, I chose to use soft pastel and interpret my favorite dances through color and shape.  Fun times.  These papers are 22x30.  Each took me about 2 hours +  and let me tell you... I am SO glad the semester is over!  And I got an A in the class. Hallelujah.

Paso Doble


Lindy Hop


Cha Cha

Viennese Waltz


my fave books growing up

Wednesday, May 18, 2011



these were my favorites growing up

but you don't have to take my word for it!

I love Dieter F. Uchtdorf.

"Be strong and of good courage.  You are truly roayl spirit daughters of Almighty God.  You are princesses destined to become queens.  Your own wondrous story has already begun.  Your once upon a time is now."

my brother is awesome.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

he is just so funny.  i want all of you to know this "girl scream" he does. oh my. it is hilarious!

don't take any wooden nickels

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

3 posts in one can't-sleep 1am hour. So sue me, I have a lot on my mind I suppose.

So.  I've been thinking about this one a lot lately. 

In fact, It's something I think about all.the.time.

Achieving Goals.  And not just any goals.  The unachievable kind.

If you would have asked me 6 years ago when I graduated what I would be doing in 6 years I would have told you something like this:

oh you know, living the dream... (with nothing really in mind for myself..)

i didn't dream big back then. 

that's all changed.


Don't take any wooden nickels.

I thought that was just a funny old-person saying.

But thinking about it more:

It means.  Don't take anything unless it's completely worth what you have to give. And. Don't let self doubt keep you from achieving your unachievable goals.  You can do anything you put your mind to.  I'm serious. 

So what are you waiting for?

one dress: 5 ways.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Dress: Olive green: Banana Republic

Don't mind my messy, messy room in the background.  And Don't mind my faceless pics.  Anna wouldn't take photos for me, so we made this work. :)

navy nordstrom blouse. red nordstrom belt with red target heels.

navy nordstrom blouse.  mustard yellow target flats..
messy dresser.  

teal Nordstrom cardi.  tan/ivory gap belt. cheetah target pumps.

black Macy's cardi.  Costco leggings. (love me some costco) Bakers booties.

(this is when I decided to buy the dress.)  Everything is BR minus the teal belt which is from Old Navy.  I love that belt.

how did you know?

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I asked some of my friends to say how they knew it was right. (A while ago, actually.) I was reading through some old messages and wanted to share these.   You hear so many un-success stories.  So how about some successful ones?  Mm?  Happy 400th Post. 

I think one of the sweetest things that he said about when he knew he wanted to marry me was that he knew he couldn't see me not being in his life. I know that I made the right decision because he is everything to me and I am everything to him.

I just knew that I loved this boy because he was helping me become a better person. I wanted to do better because of him.
 I don't really know how to explain it... I just kind of knew.. There was something different with him. He was everything that I had wanted in a spouse and for the father of my kids, we had the same goals for the future, and he was the only person who's opinion I cared about. I wanted to be better for him. When I felt sad or was hurt, he was the only one I wanted there to comfort me.  It wasn't magical and it didn't come without it's trials or fights (and we still have them), but I love him and only ever think of him when he's not here and just constantly wanted to be around him and think of ways to make him smile and new ways to show him how much I love him... and the thought of me being with someone else just never felt right. When I prayed and Heavenly Father said yes about him, I suddenly remembered that he had said no to a few others that were just as worthy and good people. That's how I knew.
How did I know he was the right man for me? I preferred his company over anyone else's. Whenever I saw something funny or heard something that made me angry, he was the first person I wanted to tell. I never got sick of being around him, and I just couldn't picture myself being with any other guy. I prayed about marrying him, but I didn't get my answer until a few weeks before our wedding.
I loved these.  It seems that, for me, the unsuccessful stories scream a lot louder than the successful ones. 
Then I look around at all those people- who are my friends, those I look up to, leaders, etc. who are so happy and in working marriages and I think to myself,  Hey, this could work out for you, too.  I've got to work hard for it, but it can work! 
Life happens and things don't always work the way we plan them out. 
All I know is with Heavenly Father on my side that I'm going to be okay.  No matter what happens along the way.

and even more artowrk.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

again. i apologize for the blurry factor that are these pictures. 
 i need a real camera.

my dear friend commissioned me to illustrate her, her sister's and mother's wedding dresses for mother's day.
i loved how they turned out and had to share!  also, sorry for all the artwork-sharing lately.  this has been the story of my life the last 5 months, however.  i will have normal stories to share later on. promise!


her mother, nance.

sister kip

sister ame.

ps if you want one, email me at marierin @ gmail {dot} com for more information and pricing!

update on shoes

Friday, May 6, 2011

Just updated my Erin's Got Sole blog with shoes!

Go check them out!

Peter Pan
Harry Potter!

sometimes i draw on shoes

Thursday, May 5, 2011

I'm really sorry these are all on their side.  trust me, i really tried to rotate them for your viewing needs, but for some reason my hp picture viewer decided to hate me today.  so you'll just have to tilt your head. 

beauty and the beast

the castle. belles' cottage.

chip. mrs potts. lumiere. cogsworth.

enchanted rose and mirror.

check out my other blog for more pictures of other shoe-art.

a mary higgins clark tale

Monday, May 2, 2011

once upon a time

i read A Cry In The Night by Mary Higgins Clark

I must have been 16 or 17 at this particular time. 

Side note--If you're not familiar with Mary Higgins Clark, go here.  Basically if you love a good mystery, heroines and a little love story bonus you will love her books.

okay. back to A Cry In The Night.

I don't want to give you too many details in case you want to read the book, but at the end the killer is an extremely freaky psychopath who goes crazy and tries to kill Jenny, the main lady in the book. 

it freaked. me. out.

so i finished the book around 8 or 9 pm, and decided to take a shower before heading to bed.  You know, to clear my mind of the scary thoughts that entered from reading the book.  (mind you, i was 16.. but i still am nervous to pick up one of her books to read before bed because of this experience)

Anna, my dear little sister, knew that i was freaked out by this story and decided to play a little trick on me.

she grabbed our My-Size Barbie that was hidden deep within the storage room of our basement, and hung it in my closet.

by it's neck.

she's crazy/twisted.

She then proceeded to write REDRUM on the wall adjacent to my mirror.

then, she shut off my bedroom light, and waited patiently for me to finish my shower.

i got dressed in my jammies and headed to bed, closing my door behind me before turning on my light.

as i turned on the light and saw the horrific scene that was the REDRUM and hanging doll, I froze.

I decided to bolt it out of my room.

Lucky for Anna, her trick worked out better than expected and my doorknob conveniently decided to break at that very moment. 

I was trapped.

with the hung doll and the scary writing on my wall

I finally was rescued by my mother and we made sister apologize and clean up the mess she had made. 

I slept on the couch that night.

it's a funny thing now, but at the time I was scared for my life.  Even if it was just my sister.
Read the book, and then you will understand my horror a little bit better.

other MHC books I loved:

Pretend You Don't See Her
Moonlight Becomes You (favorite)
I'll Be Seeing You
Loves Music, Loves to Dance
While My Pretty One Sleeps

can i get a hallelujah!

Monday, May 2, 2011

my dear dear friends,

 i can't keep this secret to myself.

h&m is opening a store in utah.

in utah!

fashion place mall.

fall 2011.

be excited. i'm seriously counting down the days (not like i'm counting down to hp though)

fashion place is also getting crate & barrel this fall. i could probably spend hours gushing over all their treasures.

can't wait.

come fall, i am going to be one retail-happy camper


Sunday, May 1, 2011

yep, it's true. i turned 24 yesterday.  and i know i know it's not old.  but i totally feel old.  and i know i say that every birthday.  i will continue to feel old forever, i suppose.  so maybe i should just get over it now.


in honor of my 24th year of living here are 24 things about me you may not already know.

1. grilled cheese sandwiches and oreos are my favorite foods.
2.  i dislike chocolate ice cream. and chocolate cake, but i'll eat choc. cake. not ice cream. unless it's been mixed from vanilla.  i know. i'm weird.
3. i've wanted lea salonga's voice ever since i was in 1st grade and heard jasmine sing.
4. my hair's been dark dark brown (i prefer the name ebony..just sounds pretty) since i was born.
5. i love weddings. i love love. if you have a love story, i love to hear about it. seriously. this may need its own post.
6. i can't for the life of me keep a tidy room. i'll deep clean it and it'll stay clean for a few weeks then all hell breaks loose and looks like a natural disaster struck. it drives me crazy but what can ya do.
7.  i love mary higgins clark books.  story about that to come soon.
8.  my favorite and signature scent is poppy by coach. 
9. i know everything there is to know about the disney parks. info, vacation planning, favorites, human map... have a question?  i have an answer.
10. i was born in iowa, then lived in oregon, florida, and brazil before settling in utah and now calling it my home.
11. i grew up watching mary poppins and cinderella every. day. multiple times a day. i still adore every and all disney movies.
12. i love all sorts of music. oldies/easy listening and streamline pop are my very favorites, surprisingly. 
13. i am addicted to real simple magazine. my subscription ended a month ago, it didn't come in april and i about had a panic attack.  we're getting that taken care of. by re-subscribing.
14. i love going on drives and discovering awesome neighborhoods.  it's one of my favorite past times.
15. i love wearing high heels. love. i have quite the collection of high heels. i'll post pics soon.
16. i'm still in school. it took me forever to decide what to study.  i studied generals, then fashion design, and now fine art (which is what i'll graduate with).  i'm a firm believer in no experience goes wasted. every experience i've had with school has helped mold my emphasis and where i'll be later on. 
17. i was on the highschool ballroom dance team all 3 years. my favorite dance is the samba.
18. i love musicals.  i love singing along to and quoting musicals. what fer? there's only three little ones!
19. becuase of britney spears in her oops i did it again m.v. i forever wanted to be blonde. years later i still secretly want to be blonde sometimes.
20.  i love brightly colored lips. i just got brave red lipstick by mac for my birthday. can't wait to wear that. every day, perhaps. it's beautiful.
21. i seriously love the harry potter series. everything about them.  i cannot wait for 7 part II to come out.
22. my sister, anna, is my best friend of all time.
23. i call my fashion style eclectiprepohemian.
24. my favorite flowers are stock(they smell divine), ranunculus and freesia.  they're perfect.
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