Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I am in need of some good indie dance electronica good beat jammin in my car awesome tunes.


MIA's Paper Planes

it's so chill. i love it.

but in the meantime

I've been listening to some sappy/twangy/shoot-me-in-the-kneecap-if-i-listen-to-it-too-much country music

Carrie Underwood's I Told You So. I [not so] secretly love it.

I like making Lists

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Of my "top favorite" [insert topic here]

today, I think I'll list my Top 10 Favorite Disneyland rides.

10 Jungle Cruise--I don't care how lame you think the skippers are, they are hilarious to me, and I STILL laugh at the "first sign of danger" pun...

9 Mad Tea Party--Riding the spinning-out-of-control-make-you-super-sickly teacups just brings be back to being a kid again and i love it.

8 Big Thunder Mountain Railroad--BTMR is just plain fun. Fun to ride, fun to smash your neighbor on the turns, and fun to make goat noises with the anamatronic goats. :) Try it. You'll like it, I promise.

7 Pirates Of The Caribbean--I love everything. From the musky damp old water smell to the new Jack Sparrow and "we wants the red 'ead", This ride is a classic.

6 Splash Mountain--My favorite part of this ride is singing along with the anamatronic animals.. And harmonizing with them... Yes. Harmonizing. You need to try it, it makes this ride 80 times better... And you thought it coulnd't get any better!

5 Peter Pan's Flight--Nothing says "Disneyland Magic" like this ride. It is perfect, every little detail is just plain adorable and makes me feel 6 years old. I love it.

4 The Haunted Mansion--Is this room actually stretching, or is it your imagination?.. 999 happy haunts.. and always room for one more! mua ha ha ha !

3 Space Mountain--Something about not knowing where you're going and thinking you're going to smash your head into part of the roller coaster is so exciting and.. magical.

2 Matterhorn--This ride is a classic. I learn all my spanish from listening to "remain seated please. permaneser sentados por favor".. Can't go wrong from screaming bloody murder at the Yeti's, too.

1 Indiana Jones Adventure--You know a ride is good when just standing in line waiting for the actual ride is fun.


Monday, March 16, 2009

Headline on MSN dot com


1 Who in their right mind decides to shoot a monkey as their first instinct?
2 What was that lady doing to make the neighbor think she was a monkey?
3 woman mistaken as MONKEY!? seriously!?!..

sorry, but that was pretty funny to me. Sad the lady was shot, yes. Hilarious about the monkey business.

Spring Leak.

Monday, March 16, 2009

I came home from playing with friends on Saturday night to find some pajama pants in my room completely soaked. Thinking my sister spilled something and just used the pj's to soak up the spill, and being too tired to care, went to sleep without thinking twice about it and decided i'd deal with it in the morning..

I woke up to my mother asking my why I came home soaking wet the previous night.. I was SO confused and asked her what she was talking about. She had found more clothes soaked on my floor of my room... Hence we discovered my room was flooded. (Not flooded enough to destroy the furniture, thank heavens, but the carpet is ruined [i'm actually excited that the carpet was destroyed.. heh..])

My dad decided it was a good idea to turn on the hose to [insert task here... I think he washed his truck?.. Maybe he was just watering the lawn?.. who knows]. And for some reason, the water from the hose decided to seep into my room. Hence, the flood.

So My mom is amazing and has been helping me for 3 hours organize/sort/everything in my room to de-junk, pack up, and move everything out of my room. It has been an adventure.

I'm excited to:
Finish Painting my room/decorating with no furniture in it
Get new carpet (YAY, finally some SOFT carpet!!!)
De-Junkify my room and have less clutter :)
So, what seemed like a disaster at first is actually turning out to be pretty awesome, I'll have a brand new looking room in a few weeks!!
Room Warming party when it's done, anyone?... :D

Keys to embarassment.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

When I was a junior in highschool I was so cool. I had just bought a Toyota Tercel and was awesome for having my own car.

Anna was playing at a friend's house one evening and my mom told me to go pick her up around 10pm ish. ...

I was SO EXCITED because Anna's friend happened to be my crush-at-the-time's little sister... So I was hoping I'd get to see Mike.

I pull into the driveway, and, being to nervous to go to the door I just honked the horn a few times hoping Anna'd hear it and just come out... Well, lo and behold she DIDN'T hear it.. So I push open my car door, slam it shut, run to the doorstep..


Mike answers.
Erin- "uhhh... hii.... uhh.. *blushes* is Anna here?"
Mike- .."yyeah...." (gives me an awkward look)

he runs off to get her, a few moments later Anna runs out the door

We go to my car to discover that I had locked us out of the car. And the little tercel was still running!!

I had to go back and ring the doorbell to ask Mike if he would please give me a ride to my house to get my spare key and then back to drive my embarrassed self home...

So after a horribly awkward drive to my house and back, We jump out of Mikes car, and my stereo was BLARING... I unlock my car, and out comes "...I'm a barbie girl!... etc.".. AQUA. I was thinking... SERIOUSLY RIGHT NOW?!!... I couldn't have planned a more embarrassing moment.

When I wake up...

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Sometimes when I wake up I try to take off my "erin" ring, and it WONT come off because my finger swells up or something, so I have man hands for a good hour of the morning and lose circulation in my finger.

it's no fun. miserable, if you will. Maybe I'll learn to take my jewelery off when I sleep next time.

Meet my brother..

Friday, March 6, 2009

Name: Evan Isaac Coleman

Age: 14

Favorite Sport: Basketball. And only basketball. No running, please.

Favorite Food: Chicken Nuggets and loads of ketchup. No veggies, no greens, no carrots.

Favorite Music: Jazz Music. No no, not as in brass band, orchestra and maybe some blues... I mean the stuff they play at Jazz Games.. Whoop there it is!

Erin's Favorite Evan Quote: "What about her uterus!?!!"

Anna's Favorite Evan Quote: "I don't like the 'seh' part... just say exy!"

Favorite conversation between Evan and Dad:
Dad-and who do we (speaking about members of the LDS church) follow?
Evan- God? Jesus? President Monson?...
Dad- Right, yes. Very good. And who does the world(speaking about non LDS people) follow?
Evan- Uhhh.... ...Obama?

Adventures on a girls day out..

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

After lazing around for most of the morning, my sister, one of our friends and I decided to go trek to El Pollo Loco and then go catch a chick flick at the local Cinemark..


Eat some sort of chicken burrito. no sour cream. Check.

Drink lots of water. Check.

Get in Elantra. Check.

Drive over to theater. Check.

Watch as old woman collapses to the ground in the parking lot---- I'm sorry WHAT.

So as I'm hyperventilating, never having been a first responder to anything.. Anna and Jammie jump out of the car while I frantically find a place to park.
I grab their purses and RUN to where the lady was. She had gotten out of the car to buy tickets while her husband went to park the car. But she had tripped, fallen to the ground and was now bleeding and not moving. Talk about frantic on my part.
Anna checked her pulse while Jammie called her mom and this random gentleman called 911. Anna then covered the lady with her coat so she wouldn't go into shock (good on ya, sister!) Shortly thereafter the paramedics showed up, (at this point the old woman WAS responding, thank heavens) and rolled her away into the ambulance.

I was freaking out being a first responder and I didn't even do anything! I just watched in panic as my sister and Jammie were amazing and looked out for this lady!! This is why I am not a pre-med major, apparently!
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