Spring Leak.

Monday, March 16, 2009

I came home from playing with friends on Saturday night to find some pajama pants in my room completely soaked. Thinking my sister spilled something and just used the pj's to soak up the spill, and being too tired to care, went to sleep without thinking twice about it and decided i'd deal with it in the morning..

I woke up to my mother asking my why I came home soaking wet the previous night.. I was SO confused and asked her what she was talking about. She had found more clothes soaked on my floor of my room... Hence we discovered my room was flooded. (Not flooded enough to destroy the furniture, thank heavens, but the carpet is ruined [i'm actually excited that the carpet was destroyed.. heh..])

My dad decided it was a good idea to turn on the hose to [insert task here... I think he washed his truck?.. Maybe he was just watering the lawn?.. who knows]. And for some reason, the water from the hose decided to seep into my room. Hence, the flood.

So My mom is amazing and has been helping me for 3 hours organize/sort/everything in my room to de-junk, pack up, and move everything out of my room. It has been an adventure.

I'm excited to:
Finish Painting my room/decorating with no furniture in it
Get new carpet (YAY, finally some SOFT carpet!!!)
De-Junkify my room and have less clutter :)
So, what seemed like a disaster at first is actually turning out to be pretty awesome, I'll have a brand new looking room in a few weeks!!
Room Warming party when it's done, anyone?... :D

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Heather said...

thats crazy!! and just so you know this is heather ostler!!

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