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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Of my "top favorite" [insert topic here]

today, I think I'll list my Top 10 Favorite Disneyland rides.

10 Jungle Cruise--I don't care how lame you think the skippers are, they are hilarious to me, and I STILL laugh at the "first sign of danger" pun...

9 Mad Tea Party--Riding the spinning-out-of-control-make-you-super-sickly teacups just brings be back to being a kid again and i love it.

8 Big Thunder Mountain Railroad--BTMR is just plain fun. Fun to ride, fun to smash your neighbor on the turns, and fun to make goat noises with the anamatronic goats. :) Try it. You'll like it, I promise.

7 Pirates Of The Caribbean--I love everything. From the musky damp old water smell to the new Jack Sparrow and "we wants the red 'ead", This ride is a classic.

6 Splash Mountain--My favorite part of this ride is singing along with the anamatronic animals.. And harmonizing with them... Yes. Harmonizing. You need to try it, it makes this ride 80 times better... And you thought it coulnd't get any better!

5 Peter Pan's Flight--Nothing says "Disneyland Magic" like this ride. It is perfect, every little detail is just plain adorable and makes me feel 6 years old. I love it.

4 The Haunted Mansion--Is this room actually stretching, or is it your imagination?.. 999 happy haunts.. and always room for one more! mua ha ha ha !

3 Space Mountain--Something about not knowing where you're going and thinking you're going to smash your head into part of the roller coaster is so exciting and.. magical.

2 Matterhorn--This ride is a classic. I learn all my spanish from listening to "remain seated please. permaneser sentados por favor".. Can't go wrong from screaming bloody murder at the Yeti's, too.

1 Indiana Jones Adventure--You know a ride is good when just standing in line waiting for the actual ride is fun.

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