Keys to embarassment.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

When I was a junior in highschool I was so cool. I had just bought a Toyota Tercel and was awesome for having my own car.

Anna was playing at a friend's house one evening and my mom told me to go pick her up around 10pm ish. ...

I was SO EXCITED because Anna's friend happened to be my crush-at-the-time's little sister... So I was hoping I'd get to see Mike.

I pull into the driveway, and, being to nervous to go to the door I just honked the horn a few times hoping Anna'd hear it and just come out... Well, lo and behold she DIDN'T hear it.. So I push open my car door, slam it shut, run to the doorstep..


Mike answers.
Erin- "uhhh... hii.... uhh.. *blushes* is Anna here?"
Mike- .."yyeah...." (gives me an awkward look)

he runs off to get her, a few moments later Anna runs out the door

We go to my car to discover that I had locked us out of the car. And the little tercel was still running!!

I had to go back and ring the doorbell to ask Mike if he would please give me a ride to my house to get my spare key and then back to drive my embarrassed self home...

So after a horribly awkward drive to my house and back, We jump out of Mikes car, and my stereo was BLARING... I unlock my car, and out comes "...I'm a barbie girl!... etc.".. AQUA. I was thinking... SERIOUSLY RIGHT NOW?!!... I couldn't have planned a more embarrassing moment.

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