Saturday, December 31, 2011

mormon bachelor adventure. 
first semester back at a university in 3 years.
discovered my love of spency perfumes and bold lipstick

watched the jazz play some more.  and mostly lose.  such a sad time.
decided i am not an illustrator.  change in the school plans.
created a profile on

one of my pieces made it into the student BFA show.
won juror's top pick!
called to be in YW Presidency, serving with women who were my leaders.  scared to say the least.

decided to get my business license and make floral design by erin official.
turned 24!
finished another semester!  about 7 to go!!

started growing my hair long. for reals this time.
started selling my wedding gown fashion illustrations
fell in love with kid history

my first official wedding of the season
participated as a counselor at youth conference!
figured out how to schedule posts. amazing, i tell you.

YW Girls camp. 100% a blast.
i love Adele. and Ingrid. nuff said.
busy every single day! that summer went by way too fast.

2nd semester back at the university, an actual goal and end in sight.
busy busy with weddings
started grading papers.

disneyland trip with the fam!
went back to the singles ward after 18 months.. scary!
ten years since 9/11. crazy how time flies.

pinterest addiction.
Anna gets mission call.
sculpted Jordan's face.

applied for Italy study abroad
got accepted to Italy study abroad for 2012.  (yayyy!)
discovered my love of oil painting!

started to learn how to parlo italiano
said goodbye to sis for a little bit as she left on her mission (more bitter than sweet so far)
cried a lot

it's been such a fun year full of big accomplishments.  i just remember how horrible 2010 was and how i was so afraid of 2011.  2011 was really good to me.  hopefully 2012 has lots of wonderful things in store!

here's to new years resolutions, fun, and more bright lipstick!
love, erin

i don't know you either.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

about a month ago, my dear ecclesiastical leader forwarded me an email

this message:

Hello my friends and Ward Missionaries,

Between the 6 of you, can two of you plan on attending this pizza party?

Sounds like a good chance to associate with some of the home stake YSA's and maybe a few less actives.

the forwarded message was this:

We would like to invite 1 young woman and 1 young man to represent your ward to visit and associate with the youth in our ward on Thursday, Dec 15th at 6 pm - 8pm.
If you would please let me know who would be able to come, we would greatly appreciate it.

Note a few things
1. I am a ward missionary.  Read about my responsibilities here if you so desire. 
2. The forwarded message says associate with the youth

So after reading this I thought.. Okay.  I need to go.  Anna will be gone and I'll have nothing to do.  I also was in the YW Presidency for a bit so this can't be completely horrible and it will be fun to go hang out with some YM/YW again!  Right?

so at 6pm the day of the activity I left my house, not really knowing  A. where I was going  or B. who these people are I was supposed to be associating with!  Nobody was going to look familiar. I knew this going into it.

oh the good times never end.

I pulled up to this house and waited there for what seemed like 9 years (2 minutes) and finally a car pulled up behind mine.  We got out of our cars at the same time as I said to the young lady

hey!  are you here for the pizza party!?!

a less enthusiastic response, yeah.

cool. me too!  I'm Erin.. Nice to meet you! 

(trying to make the best of the situation.)


we both get up to the door.  she knocked.  I waited. 

a particularly good looking guy answered the door and I thought,  He is not in YM.  There is no way. 
he hugged the lame girl, soo good to see you! blah blah blah.  Then turns to me and says (complete with confused look)

I don't know you.


I don't know you either...


uhh.. come in?


So I walk in, naturally. 

And who do I find?
The parents who had sent the email.
the attractive kid.
4 or so other very attractive kids
and the lame girl. 
all standing around. 

Cue the mother
I don't think I know you!

to the group
Hi! I'm Erin, I'm from the Singles ward.... (classic)

to which the mother said something like 
Oh! Yes, this is Erin, she's over the activities in the Singles ward!  I asked her to come to tell us all about the activities happening in the area! 

Uhh.. no?  I'm actually a ward missionary.  ...and I hardly ever go to any activities... sorry!

long pause followed by a subject change! awesome.


meanwhile cute boy and his friends start speaking some crazy language to each other. 

say what?!

As it turns out..

this wasn't a youth party after all.

no no.

this was a homecoming party for cute boy and his old companions!  I don't know how lame girl fits in..
So what did I do?
I stayed.  And mingled.  And left finally feeling so completely awkward.
situations like this are just the story of my life, though, so not to worry. 

what would you have done?!


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Anna is a unique individual. 
in many ways. 
before she left she kept saying 
Erin you better be married by the time I get home... 
and by kept saying. i mean 
i kept blowing it off, naturally.
Anna.  I'm not going to get married while you're gone.  
she didn't like that answer. 
so what did she do?
she decided it would be wise to tell everyone (this is a rough estimate, there could be more I'm unaware of)
that their goal while she's away is to get me married/seriously dating. 

and so far, surprisingly, people have been following through with her challenge. 
in the last two weeks, I have had five people tell me they have someone in mind they want to set me up with.
and I'm blaming Anna. 
that little weasel.
she's got great intentions.
and i've got to admit..
i do love a good blind date story!  
(awkward+hilarious is what they are.)

i'm going to get her back for this.  you can count on that.  i've got 18 months to plot this out perfectly.

maniacal laugh.....(muppets, anyone?)


Sunday, December 18, 2011

colors are wonderful.  but colors are always better when they are presented together, rather than one at a time, in my opinion.   mmmm. yes.  here's  a small colors blip. 

this is when everything gets all matchy-matchy.

this is when opposite colors on the color wheel are put together.  they make each other stand out.  

this is when colors next to each other on the color wheel are put together

and of course... all the colors presented ROYGBIV style.
my favorite.
enjoy.  and remember.  it doesn't have to match it just has to go!

do you have a favorite color scheme? or maybe just a favorite color?  
this is my go-to color scheme

i'm doing okay

Friday, December 16, 2011

and it can only get better from here.
I'll be even better once I get a letter or an email from her!

Heavenly Father takes care of His missionaries.
so we're all going to be just fine. 

just wanted to tell you that. 


I've got some funny stories to share, so don't go away just yet!  Once I get caught up with everything I'll be back!


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

with the new year coming, it is a habitual and traditional practice to reflect and review the past year and to look ahead with new goals to the new year.  as i have thought about this next year and all the many adventures and changes it will bring, i'll be honest.  i am nervous.  really nervous/anxious/excited.  the anticipation of something new always makes me nervous.  you know how i mean, i'm sure.  and i'm excited, don't get me wrong. but. i'm most nervous about not having my little sister around for the entire year of 2012.  as many of you know, she is leaving tomorrow to serve a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  i am so excited for her! but. i cannot remember a time when i couldn't just call or text her and ask her a stupid question or have someone to hang out with.  i know i will be okay. i know she will be okay.  change this suddenly is never fun.  but i will learn and grow and be better for it!  and hey.  i have a lot to look forward this next year, so it can't be all bad!  and plus, i'll get to write her and send packages(and hopefully recieve letters and packages in return. hint, hint, anna!).  any of you have any great ideas of what to send a missionary?  you can check out a few of "my" ideas via my pinterest board dedicated to my sis as a missionary.  {view here}  okay.  that's enough for today. can't dwell or i cry.  i've been so good and haven't even cried yet today.  i'm sure that will change come tonight/tomorrow.  wish us all luck! 

ps.  get her address here and write a sister! 

she has always been the spaz of the family... 

7 days.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

and no, i'm not talking about the movie the ring.

my little sis is leaving on her mission next week.
life is extremely nuts right now to say the least.

last minute shopping
mission prepping
finals studying
house cleaning
actual working
christmas cheering
church going
and family picture taking

we asked the beautiful Jalene Taylor to take our family pictures.  If you need a photographer, go to her!  She is phenomenal.

here are a few of my absolute favorites from the shoot:

happy holidays!  
i probably won't be back on here for at least a week. 
another thing on my list is anna time spending

the disturbing facts.

Friday, December 2, 2011

This info shocks me. Just take a look. (i can't remember where i found this... sorry!  i saved this post as a draft ages ago..)

How Do You Feel About the Way You Look?
(The most-selected from a list of nine descriptors)

Grateful: 52.2%
Satisfied: 46.1%
Self-conscious: 32.6%
Dissatisfied: 28.7%
Happy: 27.4%

Self-conscious: 50%
Satisfied: 42.9%
Grateful: 40.5%
Happy: 36.9%
Dissatisfied: 26.2%

"I see in magazines how my hair should look, and girls on TV who are 20 pounds lighter. If I had someone to do my hair and a trainer, I could be like that. But it's hard to both think that way and be happy with how you look."—Kateyln Labarre, 18, Southborough, Massachusetts

Have You Ever Used Photo-Altering Software to Change a Photograph of Yourself?

60s: 8.5%
Teens: 59.1%

Have You Ever Considered Plastic Surgery?

60s: 43.7%
Teens: 45.5%

"More teens have considered plastic surgery? One possible explanation: As you age, the trauma of elective surgery is less enticing."—Valerie Monroe

Have You Ever Had Plastic Surgery?

60s: 15.4%
Teens: 4.5%

Do You Think You Have a Healthy Body Image?

60s: 62.1%
Teens: 56.8%

Are You Happy With Your Body?

60s: 37.7%
Teens: 43.2%

"How can you believe you have a healthy body image...and not be happy with your body?"—Valerie Monroe

Why Do Your Exercise?

To Stay Healthy
60s: 65.5%
Teens: 28.6%

To Lose Weight
60s: 11.6%
Teens: 33.3%

To Change the Shape of My Body
60s: 6.5%
Teens: 19%

How Do You Think Others Would Describe the Way You Look?

Attractive: 60s: 63.2% / Teens: 39.8%

Approachable: 60s: 57.4% / Teens: 49.4%

Kind: 60s: 55.2% / Teens: 65.1%

Confident: 60s: 55.2% / Teens: 33.7%

Smart: 60s: 42.6% / Teens: 53%

Interesting: 60s: 32.3% / Teens: 33.7%

Pretty: 60s: 30.5% / Teens: 63.9%

Average: 60s: 25.6% / Teens: 49.4%

Sexy: 60s: 13.9% / Teens: 19.3%

Beautiful: 60s: 12.1% / Teens: 33.7%

Plain: 60s: 8.5% / Teens: 16.9%

Old: 60s: 6.3% / Teens: 2.4%

Exotic: 60s: 5.4% / Teens: 9.6%

Unattractive: 60s: 1.3% / Teens: 8.4%

Ugly: 60s: 0.9% / Teens: 2.4%

How can we change this thinking that there is only one type of beautiful?  This post will have to continue another day.  I have many thoughts on the subject.  Who's with me?!

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