Sometimes I wish I was still 4....

Friday, February 27, 2009

My mom and I were shopping at the mall and stopped at the Disney store...

I saw this and was/am completely tempted to buy it just for all the pretty Barbiedoll dresses it comes with! So darling, huh?
There were also Cinderella, Belle and Ariel ones! I know, I know.. SO cute. hahah!

I heart shoes.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Cinderella is proof that a new pair of shoes can change your life

Truer words have never been said..

Stupid Tags.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I've been tagged on the "25 things about me" post on facebook 80bazillion times. So. I'm finally giving in... Here it goes:

1. Rudy is my puppy and I love her. She makes me happy inside even when she attacks my wrist and makes me look suicidal via her bite marks.
2. Disneyland is probably my favorite place ever.ever. They were right when they said it's the Happiest Place on Earth.
3. Hilarious. I say it all the days. Anna gets after me. it's.. Hilarious. HA. put that in your juice box and suck it, anna!
4. Ballroom Dancing is something I love to do. I danced for 8 years and then got too poor and too busy to keep it up. But I still love any excuse to put on my satin pumps and dance my life away.
5. I am going to design wedding gowns when I grow up. It's something i've wanted to do since i was 2 years young.
6. Snow is the worst. I hate snow. I hate driving in the snow. I love to look at snow actually.. So i guess I don't hate it entirely.. But it's still horrible.
7. New York City is the 2nd happiest place on earth. I want to live there someday. Even if it's only for a few weeks.
8. I've always thought that Sandra Bullock is gorgeous and I secretly want to look like her.
9. I have a crush on John Stamos and James Marsden.
10. I secretly want an unlimited supply of crafting things. My own Robert's Craft, or JoAnns? I love crafting. Anything to do with it. Scrapbooking, Sewing, Drawing, Painting...
11. Blank paper is so pretty. If I'm bored (say, watching a movie) I will hold blank paper and a sharpened pencil in my hand and then i'm perfectly content.
12. I don't take naps. Only when I'm sick... If i fall asleep earlier than bedtime I'll wake up at 2am and then i'm all sorts of thrown off.
13. I would LOVE to design costumes for the walk-around characters at Disneyland. That would be the best job EVER.
14. Foggy misty California mornings are my favorite weather ever. June Gloom? I heart June Gloom.
15. I want to travel the world. just take off a whole year and travel it up. When I find a job that allows me to do what I love and travel everywhere then I will jump right on that.
16. I am a people person. I have to talk to people or I get super sad.
17. I love musicals. HSM3 was amazing. Top 5 are Singin' In The Rain, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, My Fair Lady, Beauty and the Beast, and Wicked.
18. My life is full of awkwardness. Awkward people and moments seem to find me every day. Just ask Libby. She knows all my awkward date stories.
19. I LOVE playing board games. Right now the fave is Settlers Of Catan. I want to beat you at it. Let's play.
20. Sometimes Anna won't sing a duet with me, so I'll record myself singing one part of the duet then i'll replay the recording and sing with myself. That's how much I love to sing duets.
21. I love Taco Amigo food. I eat there every day. Sometimes Twice a day. Cheese Burritos never get old. No hotsauce. dip it in pink sauce, then hot sauce. it's glorious.
22. I love The Bachelor. I love it. It is one of my favorite shows ever. And Jason and Jillian were made for eachother. I can't wait for the finale and I'm having a little freak out knowing that DeAnna comes back for next week's episode! Totally not cool. DeAnna, you had your chance you stink!
23. I love to draw on shoes. Ask me to draw on some shoes for you, I'll most likely say yes because I love to do it.
24. I LOVE high heeled shoes. I own 17 pairs of high heels, and rotate them so I have a different pair at church every time. Bishop's wife says she looks forward to relief society to see what heels I have on.. :) She cracks me up. PS I want more high heels. I am in need of some cute flats, too. And some Tennies. :) yay shoes. I could gain 80 lbs and they'll still fit, wonderful, no?
25. I love shoes, but I hate feet. They are disgusting. Well, MY feet don't gross me out.. But you ask Evan. I dry heave at the sight of his nasty feet.

In Awe

Monday, February 9, 2009

This is the face of a girl in love

With NYC

Tidbits about me

Monday, February 9, 2009

Did you know

You can tell what kind of mood I'm in

By the way I type!


Sweet, huh!

Guess what my mood is, now!!

Things that happen to me..

Saturday, February 7, 2009

...Do not happen in normal real life!

Have you ever seen Groundhog Day?

where the same thing happens EVERY day

over and over

Same thing happened to me last weekend...

only it was in real life... not a dream! and no, I wasn't just watching the movie Groundhog day!

Congrats, you made the Top 3.

Monday, February 2, 2009

I decided I needed to write down some of these stories I keep telling...

Today's topic:

Most Memorable/Best/Funniest/Most Random/Worst/Silliest [you take your pick] Dates

**Names have been changed**

I used to be on the Institute's Dance committee, and my job was, for every institute dance, to help set up/decorate and clean up for the dances. We would meet 4 hours prior the dance and stay 2 hours after. It would be long, fun days..

The Valentine's Day dance was coming up... You know, the kind where you need to bring a date to get into the dance?... yeah, well I wasn't planning on going. I hadn't been asked to the dance and was not about to ask anyone to go with me. But, being the good committee member I was, ventured to the Institute building to help set up for the date-dance.

I got to Orem and my job was to help fill balloons with Helium. This other kid, I can't remember his name for the life of me...we'll call him John, was also assigned to help with this task.

We started talking, you know, about things like the weather, school, favorite colors, etc. just to pass the time and to make for a not-so-awkward set up time together.

The time for the dance to start was approaching and John asked if I was going to be attending. Of course without hesitation I told him no. And sure enough, he asked me if I wanted to go with him...

He was a nice enough guy, we had been talking for a couple hours at that point. So I thought to myself, hmm...what's the harm in going to a dance with some random guy I just met?... I thought nothing... The plan in my mind: meet him there, then if it's going horribly terrible, fake being tired, sick, have my sister/mom call me, etc.. Of course, nothing ever works the way I plan them.

Long story short, he INSISTED he pick me up or it wouldn't be " a date ".. So I agreed that he could come pick me up ( I was living in Provo at the time, but told him to come pick me up at my family's house to ensure no stalking in Provo ).

He came to get me, we went to the dance, and, he kept trying to dance thisclose and it was super awkward. He quickly turned from the decent guy into the creeper. with the dance coming to a close, I suggested we leave to get me home "on time".

As we were leaving, it was his genius idea to grab a helium balloon boquet to take home with him, you know, because we worked so hard filling all those balloons.... whatever.

So we get to his 2-seater truck and he decides there's no room [duh] for the balloons. So he tries to tie them to the bed of the truck. Well, that didn't work, and he insisted on taking the balloons, so they got stuffed in my face and all around me because he had to see to drive, of course!

I couldn't see anything around me except balloons. I was so annoyed that I didn't say anything the whole way home. He cranked his radio up, and didn't try to make conversation either.

We pulled up to my house. I grabbed the balloons, and got out of the car while saying thanks for the ride. He drove off and I never heard from him [thank heavens] again.

I've been known to go on many blind dates. A friend of mine jokes I've been on as many blind dates as half the population of guys in Provo. She's probably right.

Well, one of these blind dates was set up brilliantly...

This is how I know this kid (don't remember his name either)..Try to keep up.

Met this boy in an institute class (boy 1). Went on a few group dates with Boy 1. Other boy came along on the group dates with his own date (Boy 2). nothing happens with Boy 1, and he gets married. About a year later I get a random phonecall from Boy 2 to set me up with Boy 3. We'll call him Rob.

So since I knew of Boy 2, and he was, again, a decent guy. I agreed to go out with his friend Rob.

Rob called and was really nice and funny. He told me we would be going to a bbq with a bunch of his friends and their dates and then we would play some games. Sounds like fun, right?

He picks me up, we go down to the BBQ.. he had failed to mention that all his friends and their dates were actually his friends and their wives! Yes. They were all married and we were on a random blind date!

So everyone kept asking things like "oh how do you two know eachother" or "you guys would make a cute couple" or my favorite "hey you two, when's the big day"...

Needless to say, most awkward date ever. I haven't heard from him(nor do I care to ever hear from him) again.

Right after I graduated high school, I liked this kid a lot. (Sam) He would come and visit me at work, we'd hang out sometimes and we were great friends from Highschool... Anyway. He had come to visit me at work one evening and asked me on a date. I said YES and was very excited to be going out on a date with the boy I was crushing on.

The day of our date, I saw him and his friend (Robert) pull up to my house (it was going to be a group date) and they both got out of the car to come pick me up. Weird... So I await the doorbell and my mom answers, as is customary at my house for my parents to get the door. So I'm listening to introductions and greeting and I hear "Hi, I'm Robert, Erin's Date".... I'm thinking.. i'm sorry, what?

So I run upstairs, and sure enough.. Sam had asked me out, but Robert was my date. I didn't know Robert. AT ALL. It was horrible. I wanted to be on the date with Sam. And who does that? Who asks people on dates for other people? I can see being set up.. But just assuming that I knew it was for his friend? Seriously?.. Horrible.

There are many more stories, these just made the top 3 for today.. If you want to know more just ask.
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