25 things about me at 25

Monday, April 30, 2012

I always thought 25 sounded so old.  Is that just me?  Then again, I say that every year.
I don't feel old and that's what's important, right?..  anyhow...

here are 25 things I want to remember about my life at 25

1. my current favorite flower is Ranunculus.  but I'm pretty sure you already knew that.
2.  i.love. Modern Family.  I love to try to talk like Gloria.  "a gargol ees a gargol..."
3.  My current favorite color combo is Navy and Red-Orange
4.  Sister is currently serving an LDS mission.  I'm still weirded out she and I won't see each other the entire time I'm 25 and the whole time she's 22.  crazy.
5. I love the twitter. and the pinterest.
6. I am borderline addicted to J Dawgs.  If you have never been... make sure you go!  I like mine with special sauce and banana peppers.  Mmm. Craving one right now.
7. baby you light up my world like no body else!  --One Direction, anyone?  Obsession.  They are adorable!
8. Always thought my life would be figured out long before now.  I'm now learning that life is all about learning, progressing, and the process of figuring it out (so really, I'll never fully have it figured out)... And I love that. 
9. False Lashes Mascara by MAC is my favorite.  Also Ruby Woo by MAC.  I could wear that lipstick every day.
10. We're trying out a free month of Netflix... I have been watching the Hills.. Que drama!
11.  i cannot wait for summer!  I had a dream last night that I bought the Pass of all Passes.  Maybe I should! (i love seven peaks!)
12.  i love to waste time looking at home plans.  call me crazy.
13. I leave for Italy in the morning!  finally.  I can't think of a better way to start off my 25th year.
14. mom is meeting me in NYC on my way home from Italia. We're going to see the Newsies! Can't wait.
15. i am finally finished with winter semester 2012! aka the semester i almost died i was so busy.  i am so relieved it is over and don't know how i managed to survive!!
16.  i love diet coke.
17.  when shopping for clothing, i am drawn to yellow and teal.  just take a look at my pinterest board if you don't believe me.
18. just dance is my favorite wii game
19. top favorite movies right now:  the muppets and monte carlo.  so good.
20.  i'm finally starting to feel good about ma curves. i used to feel hideous every day but that's starting to change. :)
21. motown is super great.  i love to sing along to any and every motown song.  midnight train to georgia is my favorite pandora radio station.
22.  my current hair goal in life is to have hair like this.
23.  i still only know 5 + 1 songs on the ukulele. 
24.  favorite places to be as of now (ask me again in about 5 weeks): disneyland, new york city, and washington dc.
25.  just so we're clear, i am not afraid of dolphins. ;)


SOPHIE NY said...

my family got the pass of all passes. You should get one so we can have party days at 7 peaks!

Lauren said...

Haha I love this! Happy birthday!

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