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Friday, April 27, 2012

I can't believe it.
I have so much to get done before I leave next week.
(why am I blogging!?)

I just wanted to let you know that prayers are answered! 

after study abroad, 3 girls from the trip and I will be going on to Paris for a few days
they're going to continue and see a lot more of Europe, but I will be leaving from Paris.
the plan was to stay with this woman one of the girls knows
but about a month ago that fell through
and I have been in panic mode.
no place to stay in Paris.
I spent some sleepless nights browsing every hotel site you could think of
looking for some inexpensive place all four of us could stay
with no luck.
(in the meantime, my mother and I are praying our guts out that things will work out and that I will be safe on my journeys)
I talked to one of the girls and told her my concern and she told me they were going to be couch surfing.
Ugh exactly what I feared.
I'm sure other people are comfortable doing that, but it freaks me out.  There was no way I was going to do sleep on some stranger's couch. 
It was looking like I would be booking myself a hotel room and paying way too much to spend my time in Paris alone. 
Not the best of situations.

Well, my mom loves Facebook.  And my cousin used to live in Paris. 
So my mom decided she would ask her via Fb for suggestions of places to stay. 
Less than 2 minutes after posting on her wall, our telephone is ringing.
It was my cousin trying to help my mom work something out.  

Wait, when is Erin going to be there?

mom told her the dates.

Kelly.  I am going to be in Paris those exact days.  She can just stay with me!

divine intervention?  you tell me.  

So. I am going to be staying in this beautiful hotel with my amazing cousin (thank you, Karissa!!!) who knows Paris. 
I'm not going to be lost, I'm going to be and feel safe, I'm going to see what I want to see while I'm there, and I know that this was an answer to prayer.  For that I am so thankful!

Here's to a fun and safe trip!


I've scheduled a few posts for while I'm away, but I can't wait to share my adventures and pictures with y'all once I get back!  <3

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jane said...

Oh my goodness. Paris is very first on my list of places to see. I would love to go to France someday. Take lots of pictures and have a lovely trip! :)

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