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Sunday, April 27, 2014

I am always excited when photographers reach out to me who want to collaborate. 
Usually it is for flowers.  LeeYen emailed me and wanted me to do flowers and a print for one shoot, and asked me if I would provide a print for this indie shoot.
I was so very flattered that she would trust me with that project!
I am very new at the whole hand-lettering thing, and still have a lot (a lot) to learn, but I am just thrilled it had a small role in her gorgeous shoot that was featured over at Rock N Roll Bride. 
I want to continue to pursue this hobby.  It was way too much fun!
Anyway, enjoy these gorgeous images by LeeYen
Featured at Rock N Roll Bride
Photography | Loblee Photography
Bride's Headpiece | Danani Handmade Sdornments
Styling | Dani Hagemeister
Print | Erin Nielson

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