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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

So.  I have been putting off going to see an academic advisor at the university of choice for a long time (about 3 years) because I was so scared that they would tell me I'm not smart/good enough for school.  I know, so stupid of me to think that.  But I did!  And I was really scared to go!


Today I faced my fear. 

I drove myself down to school.  Wandered around for a good hour or so killing time and psyching myself up to going to talk to the advisor.

I went and signed in and waited about 15 more minutes to talk to this lady.

Then I went in, she told me a few simple things I needed to do before I could register for classes. 

She then asked me what my major was.

Come to find out I am 1 year away from having my BFA in Fine Art.  ONE YEAR!!!?!

One year.

I didn't think I was SO close to the end of the school tunnel!   SUCH an exciting feeling.

I left her office just beaming and ran home to reapply so I could register!

Then I looked at all the classes I have to look forward to taking in the next 4 semesters.

I do have a few general classes left, Math, English, and Astronomy.

But then I get to do fun classes!

Figure Drawing
Baroque History
and other such classes!

I am so excited, I can't even believe how close I am.  Holy Moly!!!

ALSO Harry Potter is in ONE week!  Today is such a great day!


PS once I figure out how to use my scanner I will be putting some of my artwork on here to celebrate!   Happy Schooling!


Kati said...

Congrats Erin!!! That is so exciting!!!

Ashley Serena said...

Woooot! You go, girl! :D What an awesome feeling that must be!

Go Go Gomez said...

That is so amazing Erin! Good job girl!

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