life lessons learned

Monday, November 1, 2010

from working fast food

don't judge a book by its cover
i feel judged all the time working fast food.  all the time people i know will ask me where i work... and after i tell them they laugh or say "still?' or something to that effect.  it drives me crazy!  little do they know my big plans for myself and how amazing my place of employment is with working around my school schedule and giving me as many hours as i need/want.  this has taught me that i truly shouldn't judge anyone because i don't know the whole situation!

don't make such a big deal over little things
countless times there will be people who lose their temper over not getting extra pink sauce.  or we forgot to put pickles on their cheeseburger.  people get seriously so upset that they'll curse and yell at us or demand free food.  it is ridiculous!  it's taught me not only that people make mistakes (go figure!) but i need to be patient and understanding.

be nice to everyone; even if you're in a terrible mood
people who are in a terrible mood put me in a terrible mood.  the world would be much brighter if everyone was just a little bit more kind.  so not only do other people need to be nicer, i need to be a happier person as well. 

it is possible to be healthy when you eat out
confession: i've eaten at my place of employment at least once a week for the last however many years i've been working there!  i am happy to say that i have maintained or lost weight and have made healthy choices when i eat there (not ALL the time, i have the occasional french fries and shake)


Ash Att said...

this is so true! im glad you did this post. and ps your french fries are amazespice and i want them. i think its awesome that you have such great goals for yourself. you go!!

Derek said...

Ha yeah!! TA pride! Holla at your boiiiiiiiiii!!!

Hilary said...

I deeply appreciate this list, being Taco Amigo alumni. These are all true and I think it's so cool that you are able to take something from everything you do. What great life lessons.

Kati said...

YAY Taco Amigo!!! Oh how I miss you guys! This reminds me, I need to send you the list I made and gave to Lindsey/sent to Jared. Did you ever see it? Good times at the TA!!!

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