Friday, November 12, 2010

pronounced mih-zoo-luh.  It's in Montana, in case you were wondering.

Sunday: 8+ hours drive up

Monday: 8+hours drive back

That's a lot of driving.  And it is exhausting (sitting in a car for that long) believe it or not.

Old little town on the way to Missoula

Spencer, Idaho.  Opal capitol of the world! Oh, and that building you see in the picture?  That is the extent of this city.  Plus a boxcar.
This is where we stopped for lunch on the way there in Pocatello, Idaho.  Note the tablecloth.
Anaconda Opportunity?  I don't want any opportunities with anacondas, thank you very much.

For some reason my computer will not let me upload any more pictures.  So I'll post a part II of Missoula pics for you asap.  You'll want to see these.

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