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Sunday, November 21, 2010

last week I got to babysit the neighbor kids for a few hours

we decided to play the wii

those kids are crazy good at it.  and it was clear that I am not.

so innocently and honestly I said, "you guys are so much better than me at this!"

the younger boy just turned straight to me, came over and as he put his hand on my shoulder sincerely said, "Erin, it's okay.  You're not bad at it.  We just have more practice than you, probably!  And it's okay if you don't win, it's just a game and we're just playing to have fun together!"

It completely caught me off guard.
I love little kids.
I love little reminders like this. 

I need to be better at not putting myself down.  That little kid taught me a great lesson that day.


Ashley Serena said...

Oh, how adorable. <3

anna mae said...

That is cute! I love BryBry.

Anonymous said...

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