hell and hallelujah

Friday, November 12, 2010

my grandma is like whoa.

bless her heart, she doesn't remember her grandkids.

she doesn't remember if she knows how to walk sometimes either

she remembers little poems and songs sometimes.

every time we go see her she sings/speaks this particular song

we call it

hell and hallelujah

finally we googled some of the lyrics she'd repeat over and over

turns out the song is called Goody Goody

my favorite is the Frankie Lymon version

hell and hallelujah
you had it comin' to ya
goody goody for him
goody goody for me
i hope you're satisfied, you rascal you!

i need to post a video of her singing it on here.  it is glorious.  my mamacita is fabulous

last night sister and i went to visit her.  she was super sleepy and usually it's hell and hallelujah over and over and over ...and over.

but last night she kept repeating a song that kind of broke my heart
she just kept saying the words over and over and she got all teary eyed!  It was horrible.

I love my mamacita.  Her sweetheart (my papacito) passed away 16 years ago.  I could tell she was missing him lots yesterday.  Someday they'll be reunited though and how sweet that will be for them!

I Get the Blues When It Rains


I get the blues when it rains the blues I can't lose when it rains

Each little drop that falls on my window pane

Always reminds me of tears I've shed in vain

I sit and wait for the sun to shine down on me once again

It rained when I found you rained when I lost you

That's why I'm so blue when it rains

mamacita and i.. i think this was her 94th birthday in 2008

auntie, dad, uncle b, uncle k with mamacita

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