calling all married/soon to be married gals

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

my dear friend mal gave me this brilliant idea.

THIS is a huge trend right now with celebrities.

and since I am a bridal/fashion illustration connoisseur

I've decided to give it a go!


For the first 3 gals who email me a bridal picture of themselves, I will sketch/fashion illustrate you in your wedding get-up! 

After that this will be a service I will charge for.

I am super excited about this.

please email photos to and tell me what your favorite detail(s) of your gown are!




Ash Att said...

if i were married, i would totally do it.

Rachey Smart said...

Such a neat idea! Those were way cool sketches. I just emailed ya mine. I wish I could draw like that!

Jammie Marie Erickson said...

I dont have a picture in my dress yet because it isnt even altered yet but hopefully soon!!!

Anonymous said...

I am totally sending you a pic of mine! Erin you are so talented!!!
Charissa Willes

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