Top 10 favorite artists of all time : Music Edition

Monday, November 29, 2010

These are my Top 10 go-to's.  I seem to always default to these guys. Whenever I'm down their poppin beats cheer me up. Seriously.  Of course there are a zillion more I could have included but these guys just are awesome. 
Michael Jackson -
I'm sorry but I cannot get enough of Rock With You or Black or White. And have you seen This Is It?  He is an incredible performer as well!  Dear MJ, you're brilliant. Love, Erin
Justin Bieber -
I know there are a lot of JB haters out there... and for all of you, you haven't listened to his acoustic album yet, have you?  He clearly is talented.  And his songs are just sweet.  Cheesy, but sweet.  (I love me some cheesy love songs, ps.)  Oh. And I will be going to see JB3D in Feb.  Down to Earth, Overboard, and Never Say Never are among my favorites.
Glee Cast -
This one's kind of cheating since they do covers of a whole bunch of songs.  But.  I love blaring the music in my car and singing at the top of my lungs.  Glee music brightens even the darkest days!  Love me some Glee! Artie's take on Safety Dance never gets old.  And I love Finn and Rachel duets. Mmm!
Nat King Cole -
Unforgettable.  Enough said.
Backstreet Boys - I have always loved BSB.  I finally got to see them in concert.  It was so great. It was like I was 13 again!!  So hard to choose a favorite song.  The Call, Drowning, More Than That, and Quit Playin' Games (With My Heart) are fabulous!
Britney Spears -
I still frequent the Oops I Did It Again album.  Glee did a remake of Stronger.  Check it out { here }
Celine Dion -
I was first introduced to Celine when my mom bought the Titanic soundtrack.... My Heart Will Go On?... and on and on.... That song was ruined for me.  But ALL of her other music is brilliant.  I Surrender?  So fun to blare and sing.
Black Eyed Peas -
They just know how to rock a beat!  You can't deny it.  Pump it is one of my favorites!
Stevie Wonder -
He just has a way of cheering me up with his music and lyrics!  Love it.  Love him!  I loved when he guest starred on Full House!
Taylor Swift -
 Her album Fearless was my theme song (yes, her whole album was my theme song. I heard it.) this last year. Man, she will always have a special lil' place in my <3.

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