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Thursday, November 25, 2010

i'm kind of an art nerd.  but i think you already knew that.

i've always been inspired by different artists.  it all started with bob ross.

i was in awe at how he could take a fan brush through van dyke brown and create an evergreen tree or happy clouds and little bush friends.

if you've ever seen the joy of painting on pbs you know what i'm talking about.

along with bob ross, disney movies have always inspired me. 

not just the heartfelt stories and happily ever afters.

i'm talking about disc 2 special features concept art that inspired me.  (of course, didn't discover the concept art magic until dvds finally came out)

a few artists stick out in my mind. one in particular.

mary blair.

(click {here} for my post about mary blair)

i absolutely love her take on the world and how colors work.
it's hard to explain in words.
maybe that's why i love art too.

there's something about art that i love. 
it's all in the eyes of the beholder.  artists take what they see and somehow take it all in and tell a story through how they see it.  it's beautiful.  i love how {especially} disney can combine music, art, and their special way of story telling and combine it into one story.


it makes me want to be a part of the magic.
it's a have to, not a get to.

i went and saw disney's newest film, Tangled.

it was so wonderful

check out this concept art.

and here's my doodled take on Rapunzel

don't judge me, i'm also an artist {in training}

1 comment:

Cassidy said...

no judgement here, just jealousy. I so wish i could doodle like that!!

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