Wednesday, January 26, 2011

everyone has been dying to know

so here it is.  my side of the story: the date with Rick Buck.

go {here} to watch the videos and to read about what Rick had to say about our date. [and then push "like" to vote for me to go on a second date with him... kinda weird. but do it.]

**disclaimer** I am VERY awkward on camera.  Or at least I thought I was.  (also--sorry pics are all right here, I'm having a hard time moving them to their appropriate locations.)

Getting ready and ironing my shirt!

He made Rick wear this ridiculous toucan mask thing... Ha! We had a good laugh.

so far so good!

the cop talking to Erin and Rick---my stealth/stalker documentation of it!

see? didn't he do a great job?!

He even drew Taco Amigos on the back of mine.  How clever!

I think my favorite part of my shoes was he drew squished spiders on the bottoms.  Made me laugh, A. I hate spiders and B. So creative!

do you think we make a cute couple?  I look cheesed out in this pic..

Okay.  So Erin Elton (the filmer of our date and the brains behind this whole Mormon Bachelor shenanigan) came to pick me up at my hotel to avoid possible awkwardness?  And drove me over to In N Out where Rick and I first met..
*In the video, that really was the first time we met... was staged, yes.. but the reactions were genuine.  And I felt like that moment lasted 10+ minutes because I was so nervous and awkward on camera!

He kept asking me about my backpack and I didn't want to give away what we were doing so I just kept it a secret until we were done eating... which by the way, I had like 2 bites of everything--again because I was so nervous!  Why I get so nervous?  Who knows.  It's not even that big of a deal... Just a normal date that happened to be filmed...right?

So finally we got to the drawing of the shoes.  I love to draw on shoes and have had a little bit of experience with this.  Rick, on the other hand.. I don't think he'd ever drawn on shoes.  But he did a fantastic job!  I was honestly expecting scribbles, shapes, and maybe words... but he pulled it off with flying colors!  And for the record, I have worn them!.. (to work.. but hey, they're still great!)  He even drew the Captain EO logo.  1.  I LOVE Michael Jackson.  2.  I love Disneyland. 3. MJ+DizLand=Cap'n EO.  I was very impressed he knew the logo!  Brownie points!

I was hoping we'd have more time to draw on the shoes, but time was flying as we were chatting away and getting to know each other.  After learning that he went to San Fran for dental school (one of my favorite cities) I found out he grew up watching Full House. He even sang THIS SONG which I was very impressed with.  Not many people know that song, and Uncle Jesse is my favorite.  So more brownie points to you, Rick!
So running out of time, we had to finish up early and headed over to Tortilla Jo's at Downtown Disney.

{Earlier in the week I found out there would be a "comedian with a parrot who did magic tricks".  I didn't even care that it was random, I wanted to go see that.  The thought itself made me laugh so I knew we couldn't go wrong.  (And honestly, I just wanted to go rollerblading on my date but thought I should be a tad more creative..)}

The hostess stuck us RIGHT next to the stage.. which on one hand was wonderful because the guy, Dana Daniels, kept chatting with Rick the Dentist and giving him souvenires, which was hilarious.  He wanted to make a balloon animal for Rick and asked him what he wanted him to make..

Rick: Umm, how about a dolphin?

Dana: ....... a dolphin?.....

*starts making the balloon animal* know, it's funny.. your dolphin is going to look a lot like a dog....

Ha.  Hilarious.  So he got a weiner dog which claimed the name Dolphin. 

And to be honest, the parrot was kind of lame.  He didn't even do anything!  But it was still fun.  Also, I wish we would have had more time to listen to the drummer that was outside Tortilla Jo's... Because I love random things and being spontaneous.  I was really tempted to change the plans of the date right there and just do that.. But it was still really fun and I'm glad we got to meet the comedian Dana!  He was really nice.

After we were leaving Downtown Disney, Erin wanted to interview us seperately about our first date experience.  I was interviewed first, then while Rick was being interviewed, I took random pictures and was walking around.  Finally after a few minutes I looked over and noticed a po-po talking to them.  Uh oh, are we in trouble? 

Then he walked over to talk to me and asked me how we met and how much I liked him.

I told him I was having fun and that I thought Rick was very nice.

Then we both walked over and talked in a group where the cop went on to tell his life story.  He was so passionate about his family, it completely melted my heart.  He was so sweet.  He even offered us relationship advice if we ever needed it.  Hilarious, yet heartfelt; I loved it.  Rick must have been feelin' the love too because right after we were done chatting with Mr. PoliceMan, he held my hand.  Woo Woo!  (which, frankly, I didn't think it really meant anything....he holds hands with every girl-or so I'm told.. I still haven't watched all the dates.) 

Anyhow, he drove me back to my hotel where he stayed for a little while so we could finish our shoes and chat with my sister and our friend Jordan.  I felt the most comfortable with Jordan and Anna around, naturally, and they were excited to meet Rick and see how we interacted. 

Finally, he and I hugged goodnight and he was off. 

All in all, I'd say it was very successful date.  He was really easy going and made me feel comfortable..something that is really important to me! I just felt really good after the date-don't know how to better explain it.  I wasn't giddy, I wasn't all starry-eyed, but I just felt good.  Will there be a second date?  I'm not so sure but I would def be up for it to get to know Mr. Buck a little bit better. 


Fei said...

I *loved* your date on the MB! Definitely rooting for you to get a second date.:)

Good luck!

Ashley Serena said...

Aw, Erin, your date was CUTE! Definitely voted it up. :D I hope you get a second date with him!!

Hilary said...

You're so creative! It sounds like you had such a great time, I'm so excited for you. I love this!

Rachel said...

YAY oh this makes me happy. It sounds like you guys had a fun time with lots of chances to chat. I loved your fun date ideas. If I bring my own shoes, could I possibly borrow some of your markers and have a shoe-coloring party with you one of these days? I just love the whole idea. :)

Anyway I loved the videos on the website too. And may I say you looked SO pretty. No surprise there, but you just really were radiating on the videos and in your photos you have posted. I'm not exagerrating.

PS - Have you noticed that you're one of the top 4 girls as far as number of "likes"? Hehe. :D I'm excited to see what happens next with all this!

Rachel said...

PPS - You didn't look awkward in the videos. Not in the least. That's the last thing I would have thought. You were very natural, fun, and cute. :D

Reuben said...

Although I'm really not a fan of the MB premise, I'm glad you had a good time. It looked like you guys had fun.

Reuben said...
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D. said...

Erin, you're a doll! Did you see the TMB commentary site? They paid you some high compliments: (I think).

Today's Gift said...

I found your blog through The Mormon Bachelor and I have to and Rick are cute together! I loved the date idea. How fun! I definitely hope you get a second date with him. :)

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