it's moving time?

Saturday, January 29, 2011

i kind of want to move away.

and i don't mean like.. move to an apartment closer to the university move away.

i mean move move.

where to?

good question.  which is why i googled "where should i live?" {yes, that just happened}

and came across THIS little quiz.

so I took it, naturally.

and guess where my top ten places I should live are?  The results may surprise you.

1.  Norfolk, Virginia
2.  Long Island, New York
3.  Baltimore, Maryland
4.  Cincinnati, Ohio
5.  St. George, Utah
6.  Charlotte, North Carolina
7.  Portland, Oregon
8.  Seattle, Washington
9.  Hampton, Virginia
10.  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Interesting, no?  (note**yes, I did retake the quiz...I put too many "neutral" answers my first time around and wasn't happy with my results.)

We'll see what happens!  But I kind of have that moving bug in me.  Study Abroad, Internship, Job/Byu Independent Study, Summer Program... I'm checking into all the options.  Right now a study abroad in London is sounding the most appealing [but sadly, no funds]. 

as my old friend John Denver says, I'm leavin on a jet plane, don't know when I'll be back again...

(doesn't really apply just yet.. but you know what I mean)


kara lynn said...

don't go to Baltimore! ha it's dangerous and i'd be afraid for you! but really when i get back let's move away together!

Isaac said...

Richmond is way cooler than Norfolk and Hampton... but you really can't go wrong with Virginia!

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