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Friday, January 7, 2011

I tend to have really strange dreams.

Last night was no different.

I was in a movie theater, seemingly alone, then I heard people laughing at me that I was alone, so I turned around and all my old boyfriends/crushes were sitting behind me with their new crushes/girlfriends and laughing at me for being all by my onesie.  So I sunk down in my chair.  And woke up.

It was really embarrassing.

So I looked up the meanings, natch.

on this site

Not really sure how accurate this is... It's just kind of interesting to see how they portray different things in dreams.  

And on a more cheerful less embarrassing note, I'm going on a date with The Mormon Bachelor in a couple weeks.  [I know, I know, this is all I talk about.  But seriously--it's kind of stressing me out. So I'm going to need your help.]

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Reuben said...

Good luck on your date. I was kind of a downer when you announced that you were doing it, but I'm looking forward to hearing you return and report your experiences.

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