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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Alright.  I'm really feeling the need to get all of your advice for my big date coming up... then I promise not to bring it up again until AFTER the fact.  Trust me, this is not all I think about!  I just need to get this planned and out of the way so it won't take over my life for the next few weeks.  But who knows?  Maybe we'll end up really liking each other? Only time will tell.  But for now.. I just need to plan a date, and have fun!  (that's the whole reason I'm going. To have fun.)


After much research, sweat, suggestions, tears, prayers.. [okay I'm exaggerating. A big thanks to Lori for most of these ideas...]

Here's what I've come up with. Please check out these places and let me know what you think!!!

Option A:
Hollywood Wax Museum
Go take some pictures with some stars...
Option B:
Aquarium of the Pacific
I think this would be fun and exciting!  Kind of like Sea World.. But closer!

Option C:
Griffith Observatory
Really nerdy.. but I am totally into this sort of thing so it could be really fun!

Option D:
Color Me Mine
I love this place with all my heart.  We could paint a project and talk it up! Thank you BRAD for this genius idea :)

Option E:
Give me another suggestion?.. because time is RUNNING OUT!

Now Vote -------->>


bradley james said...

why the heck did I not get a shout out for the color me mine idea? I'm offended.

Drewbie756 said...

Umm choose Choice E which is go to the dump and get a SS 69 Camaro and restore it and give it to your brothers best friend since child hood

Suzie said...

The Observatory for sure. Arrive before sunset on a smog free day, though. (so I've read)
It sounds so fun!
Views of LA, the Hollywood sign & quirky fun things to ride & do.
yeah. I think this is the one.

Reuben said...

If you run out of conversation ideas, you can ask him if he remembers me from the dorms Freshman year. He probably won't, but you could fill at least 2 minutes of the otherwise awkward silence with the back story of why you're asking....

Erin Marie said...

No worries. There's never an awkward silence with me. Awkward moments? Yes. But those are just funny.. It's amazing to me how many people know this kid!

Ashley Serena said...

I vote for the aquarium! Seeing amazing animals and plants together. :3 How romantic. You can tell a lot about his personality too, from the way he reacts to things. Maybe he's brainy? He could point out a few facts about sea otters. Maybe he's curious? He could marvel at the size of a baby beluga. Maybe he's not into nature? You can tell by how... uninterested he seems. :) Whatever the case, people are usually happy/smiling at aquariums. Voted!

JSR Photography said...

Hey Erin! I found your blog randomly a few months ago and have been following for a little while...don't you love blog stalking...small world! Anyhoo...I'm going to be on the Mo Bachelor too! So just wanted to say hi! When is your date? Are you nervous?

Erin Marie said...

How funny! I have to admit-- the other gals featured on tmb are darling, I don't think I'm supposed to like/root for my competition!?

But no, not nervous. Anxious-excited for the adventure... And especially the story that will follow. My date's in a week. You?! I'm actually really glad you said something I never would have made the connection! Are you having a rough time deciding what to do or am I the only one struggling??

Good luck!!

Heather Stephenson said...

I vote aquarium for sure!

SOPHIE NY said...

Aquarium or Color me Mine!!

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