who's your type: Disney Prince edition

Monday, January 10, 2011

Now Aladdin doesn't start off as a prince.  He marries into royalty.  Just wanted to make sure we're all on the same page. 

Aladdin doesn't seem like the type who will work hard for what he wants.  He's got luck and good timing.  He also is very charming and attractive.  He's adventurous and will go out of his way to save his friends and lady from danger.  Although he may lie initially his good character always shines through and he's always a good guy in the end. 


Frankly I think he's more attractive as a beast than as a human.  Have you seen {this scene} from Beauty and the Beast? (for the part I'm specifically talking about skip to 2:55) It's always creeped me out/made me laugh.  He needs a girl who's strong willed enough not to put up with his crap.  But once you break his bubble of pride there is an extremely soft, loving, thoughtful side to him.  He was even willing to die for Belle to let her have her freedom.  Now that's loving.  And check out those eyes!

Flynn Rider

Flynn (Eugene) also marries into royalty.  What's with these boys who  marry into royalty being thieves?  Hm.  Cunning and manipulative at first but after he realizes what's truly important to him he cleans up his act.  He is generous, thoughtful, loving, loyal and will do anything for the woman he loves.  He's also funny and has a great singing voice.   

The Prince (from Snow White)
We don't really know much about The Prince.  The only heroic thing he does is kisses Snow White when the time is right.  He doesn't slay a dragon, or even defeat the Evil Queen.  He just comes at the right time.  Which actually says alot about his character.  He could have left Snow White there forever and gone to find a girl who was.. alive..  But he was in love with her and was willing to give anything a shot if it meant being with his true love.  How romantic.

Prince Charming
The prince seems like he would be one of those high maintenence guys.  He didn't care to know Cinderella's name-he just thought she was gorgeous.  Then as soon as she ran off he finally got his act together and did something about it.  Man, I really liked Prince Charming til I thought about him this way... Let's think like this.  Maybe he's really shy and wants to wait for the right girl.  Then she finally came along and he was so baffled at her beauty tht the words just couldn't come to ask her name.  He had to have his royal Duke search the entire city because nobody else mattered to him once he found the girl of his dreams.  That's much better.  What a sweetheart. He can't fathom to be with anyone else. 

Prince Phillip
Prince Phillip is the real deal.  He's attractive.  He's adventurous.  He's kind.  He loves his family but he's willing to break tradition for true love.  He's also brave and fights for his girl too.  No other prince I can think of fought a dragon and rescued his princess from eternal sleep.  He also has a great singing voice-which is a plus in my book. 

Prince Eric

Oh man.  He's my favorite.  Maybe it's just his big muscles, dark hair and blue eyes?  Or maybe it's the fact that he's rich, funny, and has good work ethic.  He also plans fun dates for Ariel.  And even though she's got a disability of not being able to talk/communicate with him he's still willing to give her a shot.  He's not shallow.  Or maybe he is.   But I'd like to think he isn't.  He's also extremely brave.  Did you see how amazing he was at the end of The Little Mermaid?  He almost died trying to save Ariel and her family.  What a guy.

Prince Naveen
Concieted.  Rude.  Selfish.  These are all words that describe Naveen until he is humbled by being turned into a frog and realizing how in love with Tiana he is.  He's willing to look at life a different way once he sees how she sees life.  She's also taught to take risks and be more carefree in life.  He's handsome, wealthy and will stop at nothing to make sure his love's dreams come true.  Even if it means giving up his own. 

So who's your type?  Mine has got to be Prince Phillip or Prince Eric.  For the Princess version go {here}


beka said...

wow prince Philip all the way. I noticed a trend that most of the "princes" were kind of jerks or stupid at first. sounds like a typical guy. I'm so glad you did this erin!

bradley james said...

Terrific post although you are mistaken with prince Naveen. He is dead poor because he wasted all his money! I love this prince edition.

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