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Thursday, January 13, 2011

"Fashion is what you're offered four times a year.  Style is what you pick out of that fashion..." -Lauren Hutton

If you think about it, for every decade in the 1900's there was a set style. 

If you were going to an 80's party you can think of a distinct trend set.  I think of neon colors, leg warmers, high side ponytails, big bangs and big sleeves. 

Same goes for every other decade.

But welcome to the 21st century, where anything goes.

Think about it, there's a wide range of styles out there.  It all just depends on what you choose and think is cute. 

Now a word of caution.   Just because it's cute on somebody else doesn't mean it's going to be cute on you.  Flattering clothing should ALWAYS trump fashionable clothing. 

Empire waisted dresses are darling.

on other people.

I am pretty curvy and empire waistlines make me look like I'm with child.

What's In right now?

High-Waisted Skirts
Long Cardigans
Knee-high Boots
Blazers and Boyfriend-inspired clothing
Nautical Stripes

What's in your closet this season?

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