Day 07 – Your best friend

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

When I was 7 my family moved here, to Utah, where I met my very best friend Suzanne.  We moved across the street from her family and became instant friends.  We were in the same primary class, and eventually were in the same elementary school class.  (bummer we only had 4th grade together).  She and I loved watching movies, having sleepovers, cooking, watching Diagnosis Murder and writing our own murder mysteries.  We loved drawing, Backstreet Boys (Suz loved Nick, I loved Bryan), playing night games and making up our own games in Suzie's back yard.  She had THE coolest swing set where we built sleeping bag tee-pees and built a duck tape, tarp and stick tent...which our moms wouldn't let us sleep in--it's not our fault we didnt' build it with ventilation!..  We took trips together, to Wolf Mountian, Salt Lake, St George, Tahoe, Wyoming and Disneyland.  We wrote songs about the boys we were in love with.. Butterflies were singin'. (hah, Remember that, Suzanne?)  We picked up new hobbies together and made new friends together.  She was the best friend I could have asked for (here I go tearing up... man!) and made growing up in that cul-de-sac THAT much better.  Love you Suzanne!  We're still friends to this day, too!  Of course with both our families moving around the same time, graduating from high school and going to college we can't see each other every day like we did back in the day but she still holds that special place in my heart! 

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