Monday, January 24, 2011

**so.  I've decided to not finish the 30 posts in 30 days (go figure)  And just pull ideas from that when I don't know what to blog yet want to say something.  Sorry if you were looking forward to hearing a certain post.  I think you'll live though.   I know I will. 

I need to find my own voice in my style/what I wear and how I carry myself.

I'm in a transition of sorts to find my style. 

and let me tell you.  this has been so hard. 

the things I'm wanting to change/update are:

I'm looking for something that says Erin.  something that's completely me and completely flattering.  I've had the same hairstyle/color for as long as I can remember.  I'm ready to mix things up a bit I think.

like I said.  I have things that I wore 10+ years ago (I'm more surprised things still fit...) which I keep for sentimental value/they used to look great on me but maybe not so much now?  Stacy and Clinton always get after people who do that exact thing... then the other day I swore I had nothing to wear to church and found myself wearing an outfit I wore at EFY many years ago.  I nearly had a break down.  It was then I realized I needed this update and really need to grow up in that area as well. I'm going to be 24 soon and need to look the part!

I've already been getting rid of so many things that:

a. no longer fit
b. are outdated (I have things I used to wear in jr. high.)
c. don't match the look I'm going for
d. aren't flattering

because currently I wear little to none.

It's kind of exciting thinking that I can be anyone I want to be in this sense...AND the nice thing about this is I'm open to suggestions so feel free to make suggestions. 
I'm excited to start from scratch almost and have a much simpler take on my style.

Dieter F. Uchtdorf did say that the ultimate sophistication is simplicity! 

So here I go.  Getting rid of the clutter, and creating a new and improved simplified me.


the fowlers said...

ha ha, so you're wearing some of the things you wore back when we used to be in choir and plays together?
maybe you've kept the same look because you're just so darn cute!

i'm excited to see where you go from here.

Reuben said...

good luck, but don't get to busy with the makeup. Girls look lousy with makeup.

Erin Marie said...

Ha I will never be crazy with makeup-- I competed in ballroom dance for far too long and I refuse to wear that much ever again!

Suzie said...

you are YOU whatever you wear.
but, love that you can have some fun with this sort of thing.

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