Day 04 – What you ate today

Friday, January 14, 2011

Well.. Since it's morning and I haven't eaten anything I'll tell you what I ate yesterday. So healthy.

Taco Amigo- Cheese Burrito and Soft Flour Taco (TA is a staple food group at our house)
Graham Crackers
Also I drank a Diet Dr. Pepper
and had water.

Not very exciting.

One of my favorite meals I've made is
Penne with grilled peppers, spinach and fresh mozarella. Mmm. (I switched around the recipe a little but go HERE to get it.  It's good!)


Gnocchi with Pesto and veggies.. and I added grilled chicken also. Soo yummy. Go HERE for that recipe. 

Thank you Real Simple, for making my life real simple.


Janeal said...

Oh my goodness I want a cheese burrito from Taco Amigo so bad now!

beka said...

ah good old TA! i love it! I'm actually craving some right now. maybe i'll come get some tomorrow :)

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