funniest analogy all year!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

(or in my opinion, anyway)

So.. We're sitting in Relief Society today having a lesson [in short the lesson was on ways we can become closer to our Heavenly Father] and started talking about how we need to improve and not justify ourselves.. (ie I'm too busy to say my prayers/read my scriptures/etc)

This wonderful sister raises her hand and says this:

"I have a good analogy for this.  My kids always give me the excuse, 'well, I'm doing much better--I've improved!'; so I say back to them- Okay think of it this way:

A man murders 10 people a month for a whole year.
He improves by only murdering one every six months.

It's still unacceptable!"

It was hilarious.
I truly wish you all could have been witnesses in that moment.

So, lesson learned.  If you kill 10 people a month, or just one every six months... it's still not okay.

Man, I'm still laughing about it.


beka said...

dang it! that's what i've been trying to work on! :P

Kati said...

SO awesome!!!

Erin Marie said...

The funny part is... she was completely serious when she said it.

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