Day 05 – Your definition of love

Friday, January 14, 2011

What is love? In what context? 

Since we're fast approaching Valentine's Day, I think it is appropriate to assume that the love we are speaking is true love.  that bwessed awangement.

When I think of couples who are in love I think of people who care about the other person.  Someone who is there through thick and thin.  Someone who will cry when you cry and be excited when you are.  They will not fathom to be with anyone else because they love you to bits and pieces.  They would never make fun of you or tear you down.  When you're in love with someone you love them for all their quirks and you can be completely yourself around them.  I think I'm just rambling now.  Because let's be honest.  I've never been in love.  I just hope that's what it would be like.  ...Someday, people.

Also--Speaking of Love, these are two of my best friends, Natasha and Colby.  They are great examples of the kind of love I want to be in somemday.  The forever kind.  Today's their 1 year anniversary!  Yay.  I love they they look at each other.  But mostly the way he looks at her.

1 comment:

Ashley Serena said...

The "forever" kind of love. Yes.
Great thinking, ma'am. We all hope to find a "forever" kind of best friend, indeed. And celebrate those who've already found it, rather than envy them. (Easier said than done, oh yes.) Someday... someday, indeed.

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