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Thursday, June 23, 2011

thank you, Russanne.


Was not a shock to me.

I didn't think he was absurd, abnormal, or out of place.

No no.

I did not.


Because he was the perfect example of every

Provo bro that eats at Happy Sumo too much and preys

on too many girls that live in the Belmont apartments.

You are a boy I have met many times.

You suck.

But I am not shocked.

Because you are everywhere in the land of Utah.


i agree.  sadly.  but i do.


Janeal said...

Such an unfortunate truth. I dated a guy just like him, and of course got my heart broken. Those guys enjoy the power they have over women, but don't have the guts to tell them how they really feel..

Ashley Serena said...

Let's all move to different states.
Or different countries, perhaps.
Let's just leave for a while.
Long enough to catch a rare Man-a-chu with our rusty Pokeballs.

AJ Candrian said...

Is it bad that I kind of thought his brutal honesty was kinda funny/refreshing? I know... there was no tact on his part, and we all know slime balls just like him, but I kind of enjoyed listening to him be brutally honest to the cameras. Yes, he should have been more honest to her face. Such is the world of television.

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