oh, anna.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Here's a little background information for you.

I don't like being outside alone in the dark. 
Who does, really?
Neither does my sister.

My sister and I are best friends.  We do almost everything together. 
When we would arrive home, Anna would have her seatbelt unbuckled and all ready to race me inside.  She would always beat me and I would always be left alone for at least 3 seconds.

I hated it.

So one night, Anna and I were riding home like always.  I had planned in my head to unbuckle my seatbelt, put the car in park, and turn off the car simultaneously. 

When I pulled in the driveway, the plan worked exactly according to plan.

I got out of the car and booked it for the door, beating Anna.

She screamed for me to wait for her.  Of course I didn't.  She never waited for me, so why would I?!

I got to the door, and turned around to see my sister leap to skip the few steps to our porch to catch up to me.

She tripped up the stairs instead, and started to cry.

Anna tends to over exaggerate.

So what did I do?

"Anna, get up.  You're FINE!"  And proceeded to march inside, shutting the door behind me.

I forgot about Anna sitting out on the porch because I actually believed she was fine and went about getting ready for bed.

About 20ish minutes later, my mother asked me where Anna was.

"Didn't she come in?"


"Check her room"

"Erin, she's not in her room."

"Well, she was right behind me when we came inside.."

"Where would she be?!?"  (My mom was really concerned, naturally.)

So I went and opened the front door.

What I found looked something like this:

"Aaahhuiuuhhhh... i... broke... my.. *gasp* fooooooot!... baaahhhhh"

{much more whiney and sad though}

Then she showed me her foot which looked exactly like this:

She had sprained her ankle.

Had to be taken to the ER to make sure nothing was broken.

And of course I looked like the bad guy afterward.  I got in big trouble for not looking after my little sister.  I'm sorry Anna, I learned my lesson! 

Then again, she needs to not be so clumsy. 

(for those of you who know Anna, this is a humorous story)

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