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Sunday, June 26, 2011

have you ever been introduced to the brilliance I like to call the schedule button?

it's great.

especially for insanely busy people like me.

all you do is create a post, then when you're finished select "post options"

You can schedule when the post is posted!


It's great because I can do 5+ posts at one sitting, then spread them out between 5 days and you all don't get 5+ posts from me all at once!  (even though I know your news feed would just loooove that... not.)

You should try it!  It's the only way to blog! 
at least i seem to think so!

(This post is even scheduled!  I wrote this days ago!)

1 comment:

makinUVbetter said...

That's really cool! I wonder if my website will let me do that!

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