wedding season is upon us

Friday, June 17, 2011

i have 8 wedding announcements up on my fridge.


and that's not even all of them..

I can honestly say I am an experienced bride.  (i worked as a planner/executioner/advice giver you name it i did it.)

so i've got lots of practice.

when i think about my future wedding it looks something like this:

aka lots of light, and lots of pretty flowers.

 and not very many people.

don't get me wrong i love people!


I do not want a reception.  I do not want a billion people there who i don't even know greeting me in a line

My dream wedding consists of:

me.  my husband to be.
our families.
our close friends.
a beautiful temple.
lots of lovely flowers
and a photographer.. to take pictures of my pretty dress, handsome hubby and lovely flowers, natch.

what are your thoughts on the matter?

1 comment:

B. said...

I agree. I'm having a PARTY not a reception. No line. No formality. If you wanna talk to me... I'm in the big white dress. & chances are the handsome fella in the suit in my hubs. & there WILL be dancing!!!

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