bachelorette. week dos.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

william gets the first date!
mask boy! He's still wearing that?... Creepy.
Ohhh Ryan P, he's cute!
Ashley you look like a little girl... awe...
that leather jacket is cute.  not with that dress though...
William looks like prince william. 
oh ben f. is really cute! i like him better than last week.
oh ma gosh see that little plane?!... no...
holding hands.. awkward.
mask+beanie?... nice look, phantom of the opera.
"i've taken the stealth approach"'ve taken the creeper approach!!  I dislike this guy. very much.
Cell phone salesman?.. I didn't catch that. Weird.
intimidating first date.  huh.
those wedding cakes are dang cute.  "starving for dessert"?...
fondant doesn not taste good.
ENGAGEMENT rings?!?!  Ashley. You are NUTS!
2 Karats! Holy cow.
He looks Fa-reaked out.
Wedding chapel!? Oh my gosh.  This is ridiculously nuts!
Bahaha. William looks like a scared little puppy dog.
This is the FIRST date?!... why on earth are they doing this?
I am weirded out and I'm not even there! "it's okay to hold hands, you know each other..."
HE SAID I DO!  Is this for real?
Wow.  I do not know what is going on... She is NUTS.
William, you're crazy!! Best first date ever?!!... They have the first kiss together... huh.
You're DEFINITELY falling for William... and you've known him a total of 2.5 hours. Maybe.
Ashley is nuts! Yet again.
"...eyyyye wann' you to be youuuu"... Drunk?.. I'm thinking yes.
He lost his dad to Alcohol... Ashley-cue deer in headlights look.
William is kinda kooky.
I don't think Ashley is ready to get married. She's just a little baby girl!!
Is Jeff-Mask boy wearing a gold chain!?!?
Buzz lightyear boy!
JP...I've decided he looks like Heath Ledger. Mmmhmmm.
Oooh dinner on the bellagio fountain?!!? ooooh. I want to do that!! Wow. That's awesome.
Bentley... You are a FREAK! You give utahns, and mormons a bad name. Scum. Bag.

And then I got distracted.  And then haven't attempted a Bach-recap since. 

So sorry!

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AllyM said...

i loveeeeeeeee the bachelorette.

you will find that timing really is everything--it happens when you least expect it!

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