dream wedding dress

Saturday, June 25, 2011

okay people.

since weddings are constantly on my mind as of late (remember how i do flowers and have a zillion friends getting married this summer? yeah, me too.)

i  know what i want--wedding dress wise.

how about what i do not want first:

do NOT want:

down comforter dress:

aka bustle overkill.

something too trendy:

too much bling

i just. want something classic. elegant. simple. beautiful.

something a little like this:

{only with sleeves, natch}
these might even have too much lace.  but i love the simplicity of the designs!
and the silhouettes!
and the intricate detal in such small amounts. love.


Stephanie Hyde said...

Erin, I went to the DI the other day (up here in Logan) and found a beautiful lace wedding dress like these. It was $40. And clean and beautiful. I am married, but I wanted it so bad! I thought it might be worth it, just to buy it to get some gorgeous bridal pictures. Anyway, I love your taste.

Jess said...

Oh I LOVE that first lace dress, it's so simply and elegant! love your taste in dresses and totally agree with your dislikes!

B. said...

couldn't agree more. I want simple.

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