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Sunday, June 12, 2011

you see a cute boy and you want to talk to him.

age 18:  giggle with your friends and don't talk to him.

or. work up the courage and talk to said cute boy (for me, it's usually don't talk to him option)

age 24:  you have the courage to talk to said cute boy. now you try to see if he's got a ring on his finger.  he does. forget him.

paying taxes
"mom.  why on earth do i have to pay so many taxes this year!?"

"why don't you get married?  you'll get money back! and i want grandbabies!"

"mom. no.  i'll just pay taxes. sheesh."

my mom really wants grandbabies.

in heavenly father's time, mom.  :)

1 comment:

B. said...

my roommate & I just had a good laugh over just how true that is!! love it! love you.

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