some advice

Monday, June 20, 2011

here's how to spot a jerk of a boy:

he probably wears pooka shells.
or a gold chain.
he probably has really good hygiene practices(good thing...)
let me rephrase. ahem. he probably waxes/plucks his eyebrows.
he probably sports a fake tan
he probably checks himself out in every/any mirror he can find.

here's a visual of what he might look like as a disney character:

you know the type. 

the type where i am not interested... at all. 

so move on, buddy.  move on.


Ashley Serena said...

Not interested, mmm...
How is it that we fall for jerks so many times, and can't seem to fall for the guys who would actually treat us well? Ugh-gug.

hannah joel said...

Bleck, no kidding right?
I'd honestly think I'd rather date my own brother than this type.

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