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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Be Responsible.
Now you can take this however you like. But. I have 5 friends in particular who stay up til the butt crack of dawn. Every night.
Do they wake up on time in the morning? Yes.
How do they do it? Who stupid bratty knows.
They try to convince ME to stay out with them until the wee morning hours every day.
Why don't I stay out late?
Here are 10 good reasons.
1. Early To Bed, Early To Rise, Ever heard of it?
2. If I don't get at least 7 hours of sleep every night, I do not function. Ever.
3. What is there possibly to do after midnight?
And going to WalMart and Betos{insert other 24 hr. fast food/store locations here} does not count
4. Mil is hitting me right now
5. I really need my beauty rest.
6. It causes illness
7. You are more prone to be stopped by cops and killed.
8. You start having conversations with your brain.
9. Mutha gets upset.
10. The Holy Ghost goes to bed at midnight.
that is all.
get some rest.
and i don't want to mention any names here....
escy, duran dilfey, wolfman, jamilio, and punkin bunny.... Get some freaking SLEEP! You're making me tired just thinking about your staying up late. And 2 of you are sick right now. Proof that you NEED sleep.
that is all. love ya! <3

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