[don't] wake me up before you go-go

Friday, April 3, 2009

I am a very heavy sleeper
I have to set the 2 alarms on my ihome as well as the alarm on my phone and my alarm clock. I'm bound to hear one of them in the morning and wake up.
I'm also notorious for sleeping through my alarm(in this case alarms)


every morning at 7:55
my brother
waits for his carpool

and without fail

plays the piano.

He doesn't read music, or know any "actual" songs, no no.

He plays the Old School Mario theme song.


over and over

My 4 alarms don't wake me up

but THAT does

And I sleep in my basement.

Thank you, Evan, for making sure I am up before you leave the house.


AggieAbby said...

Erin, you are as cute as can be, I didn't know you found my blog, too bad I NEVER HAVE TIME TO POST. But, now I'm glad I found yours, yesss! Love you! Can't wait to read up!

Ashley Harmon said...

Now why don't you have a "followers" part on your blog? I'd love to read your posts as they come. :) They're so cute!

...What a wake-up call! :P

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