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Sunday, April 26, 2009

in 3 days I will turn 22.
I don't feel old.
I remember thinking[at 16] that I was so old. And that in 5 years I'd be married with a child, done with school, working at a fancy job... I guess I'll wait another 5 years. For now, I'm happy with life and where I'm at right now. ;)
Here's a few things I want to do when I'm 22
continue to go to fashion school
travel. {top 5 places I want to go right now: NYC, San Francisco, Paris, London, Mexican Cruise}
grow my hair to my shoulders. Ponytail city!
Sew my first dress.
in 12 days I'm going to disneyland with my 7 best friends.
I'm SO excited.
mostly for:
indiana jones adventure
mickey shaped ice cream
dole whip
sleeping beauty castle walk through
the beach
downtown disney
walking right down the middle of Main Street USA

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Ashley S. H. said...

You're so cute, Erin!
I'm so excited for you! Being 22 isn't that old. :P (I'm 20, myself, but still!) Have fun at D*sney! And good luck in fashion school!

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