Roma! May 4

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

On the steps of the Capital building.  Erica looks super excited.  Aah. Love her!

Colosseum!  We came off of the metro and BAM it was right there.  Just chillin' in the middle of the city.. no big deal.  It was incredible.  Still can't believe I was there.

The stunning Arch of Constantine

Making a wish at the Trevi Fountain (Yes, this is the fountain on Lizzie McGuire...)

Roman Holiday, anyone?..


Nope, not Caesars Palace in Vegas... this is the real deal.

Me, Megan F, Kylie, Kenz, and Megan M

Brooke and I in front of the Spanish Steps!

After I posed like this I found out the peace sign is offensive in Italy... (?!) Whoops!  Ha.  Didn't do that again.

PS this is the one and only day I got ready the entire trip.

When they say drinking fountain, they mean it literally!


AllyM said...

loving looking at all your photos...wishing I could of gone:)


SOPHIE NY said...

I love that you mention Lizzie Mcguire! That's totally what I think of!

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