Roma day II

Thursday, June 21, 2012

(Roman numerals... {in the title}...did you catch that?... ha)

Are you sick of pictures yet?  We are only on day 3 of 40, people.... yikes.  I think I am sick of pictures (not really).  I may have to spread these out! 

So. This day was spent studying (Hooray!  First official study abroad day!) Ancient Rome.

The Arch of Titus is what I did my report on.  It will get its own post later on.

One and only jump shot!

Giving my report... which I got an A on!  Woot!

Inside the Colosseum.. Sorry it's blurry.  This is also the day my camera decided to have a freak out and die.  Yes.  My camera died not even a week into SA. 
Chelsie and I  inside the Colosseum.  That place is huge!

My cute roommates Aspen and Linda and I ..I miss them!  We had some fun times.    Sorry guys!! (hahah. inside joke)

The Column of Trajan.

Me, Dev, Brookie Cookie and Cody trying to figure out where to go next

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