Early Christian Rome

Saturday, June 30, 2012

 churches!  We saw sooo many churches. 

Early Christian mosaic in the Church of Santa Constanza

Church of St. John the Lateran

at least Angel and I are happy... I don't think Erica was ready for this photo, what do you think? :)

the size of these churches was incredible.

Devz, Erica, Bren Bren, Angel and me.  aka the D-Club....


Devin just eatin' cookies!

they served me one penne.  just one... and then they came back to give me more.  also note: Italians do not believe in ice in their drinks.  it was a rare occurrence.

One of the only times we were served salad!  (the "dressing"... was like... salt water..literally. hahah.)

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