just another day in Roma. Capitoline museum & Pantheon

Friday, June 29, 2012

We found this sweet alley way so we decided to take some pics here.. So many people stopped to watch us ha! it was hilarious. 

this statue is a copy.  watch for the original coming up...!

Every building in Roma was so elaborate and exquisite.  I loved it all.

What's left of Constantine..

inside this gorgeous little piazza where Constantine is.

inside the Capitoline museum! Gorgeous.

the original. stunning.

The Roman Forum... when this was discovered everything for the most part was underground... they're still excavating and finding ruins.  Amazing, no?

seriously!?  this is real life, people.

the creepiest statue in Italia.  The man-baby as we referred it to for the remainder of the trip.....


cool looking building on the way to the Pantheon

inside the Pantheon!

Raphael's tomb.  Inside the Pantheon.

This is the face I make when dudes play their violin while the old ladies break out their karaoke machines and sing on the metro... Can you spot Steve?

Uscita lato... destro?...

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Brenna McFarland said...

Oh hi. I love you! And I love Italy. and I miss both you and Italy!

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