Monday, June 25, 2012

pronounced  uh-see-zee. 
Oh my lanta.  Assisi was probably my favorite place in Italy.  I am most definitely going back there someday.  (in 5 years.  I'm already planning a trip back.)  This city was literally like going back in time.  You'll see...
View From St. Frances Basilica.

St Francis Basilica.  I wish we could take pictures inside.  The Frescoes by Giotto were incredible!
did not get ready this day. Haha. I didn't even care, I was way too happy to be there.
Eating a cannoli.  They were to die for.  The rest of the trip was spent trying to hunt down a cannoli that met the expectations set by the cute bakery in Assisi.  Best 3 Euros I spent out there!
mid-bite and Elisha's crazy eyes. hahah.  This is the day we all became BFF's.  I love those girls with all my heart. 


my sweet Angel and I

.."how the heck do you get to the castle?!!"

... (after wandering for 20+ minutes)... "hey guys!  do you think that's the way to the castle?!..."

Erica Elisha Angel and I

#nofilter. This is real life.

Cute little Carousel in the piazza.

Yep.  I'm going back to Assisi as soon as I can.

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