Bridal Gown Guide: Silhouettes

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Okay. I seriously could have this post go on fooorrevverrr. BUT I narrowed it down to only silhouettes. If you have questions about what will look good on your body type, which colors will work best on your skin tone, sleeves, where to look, price ranges (on ANY clothing, not just wedding gowns) Just email me or post a comment on here and I would be more than happy to answer your fashiony questions! :)
I don't know that you can see the numbers for the above Silhouettes.. Anyway, You'll see these silhouettes everywhere. I've included pictures of what everything looks like, also, and what's considered trendy as of now in the bridal fashion world!

1. Sheath

Characteristics: Comes straight down from waistline
Ruffles/Layers are very popular now. This dress is a little dramatic; you'll usually see this done in moderation. I tried to find exaggerated versions of the dresses :)

Short dresses. Very in. Not traditional at all... But still done! Hm!

2. Sheath-Empire Waistline
Characteristics: Same as Sheath, but with a waistline that comes just under the bust or at the natural waistline.

I LOVE this dress. I love how drapey it is. I love the flower detailing(very in right now). And this dress would be ultra flattering on just about anyone. So pretty!

3. Ball Gown
Characteristics: Very full skirt. This is the most traditional silhouette for a wedding gown.

4. A Line

Flowered details, and different ways to add interest are very chic. Whether it be a different fabric, textile, different color somewhere; you'll see the extra oomph of interest in a lot of gowns lately.

Like I said. Simplistic dresses are so chic and very classic. I love that this vintage-classic look is coming back.

5. Mermaid

see [
Sorry I couldn't really find a picture that I loved to post. And this site wouldn't let me save this picture to my computer :)
all other pictures are from J-Crew's Spring 2010 line found on Martha Stewart Weddings {dot} com.


Ashley Serena said...

Oh how I wish sheath dresses looked good on me. *phoo* Oh well, empire waist is beautiful! <3

karalynn said...

love the jcrew gowns, i found these too.

i love the simplicity

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